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Lisette Sutherland, Director “Collaboration Superpowers”

We are proud to announce our next week’s talk with Lisette Sutherland on DojoLIVE!. Join us this Wednesday, January 18th and join the conversation! You can also participate and ask anything!

We’ll be talking about the challenges of working remotely and the tools that distributed teams use to get the job done. Lisette (@lightling) will join us to talk about the topic “Making Remote Teams Work Through Collaboration”, where she’ll share with us why are people and companies going remote and what are the best tools for remote collaboration. Listed below is Lisette’s profile and we are also sharing some interesting points that Lisette makes on her blog posts.

About Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland

Lisette is the Director at Collaboration Superpowers. With over 10 years experience with web-based collaboration tools and online community management, her goal is to get the best people working together regardless of location. She is currently finishing her book “Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great Things“.

Not long ago, Lisette shared her list of tips for hosting effective remote retrospectives. You’ll notice how important it is to complement great communication with great tools that facilitate the meeting and more importantly, they make it easy to follow up on action items resulting from your session:

Top tips for hosting effective remote retrospectives

Being in the same room with people during retrospectives is very powerful because of the high-bandwidth communication that we have. When we go remote, we want to simulate that co-location as much as possible and encourage productive discussions. Here are some tips for achieving just that:

1. Designate an organizer Someone in charge of scheduling retrospectives on a regular interval (it shouldn’t just happen when things go wrong!).

2. Use great equipment Meetings quickly become frustrating when the quality of the sound or video is bad.

3. Minimize background noise. Get yourself into an environment that is conducive to high-bandwidth communication.

4. Embrace video Because the non-verbal communication is what’s important in co-located retrospectives, try using video for your remote meetings.

5. Continuously make sure everyone gets a chance to speak Start every remote meeting with a quick opening question so that everyone gets the chance to speak.

6. Don’t go too long Focusing intently on the screen can cause virtual fatigue.

7. Experiment with new tools! There are a lot of great tools for conducting remote retrospectives, and they are an excellent way to follow up on the results of each meeting by assigning specific action items to team members. The right tool can also encourage meaningful discussions by keeping the conversation focused.

So, now you know! If you still do not use any tool for retrospectives, then you should try our Retrospectives for Confluence add-on and tell us what you think!

Are you or your company scared of going remote? Lisette also shared some of the challenges and benefits companies have when they work remote.

How a global company became more agile with remote collaboration.


The ability to get people working regardless of location adds an extra of agility in the organization. The organizational hierarchy used to limit collaboration just by nature.


Instead of being limited to people in a particular office, employees easily find others in with particular competencies — all over the world. In this way, teams could get fast feedback from multiple disciplines, and it became easier to access and communicate with each other on a regular basis.


Each team and knowledge worker chooses the systems that will work for them. Keeping things simple is always a goal. Even just working on different floors in the same office as someone could be a barrier. Simple, intuitive tools are a must. And there’s a ton for each collaboration stage. Tools must encourage pertinent collaboration.


If you want to know more about how to work better in a remote team, don’t miss our Dojo! Live interview with Lisette! Join us this coming Wednesday, January 18th.

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