PlanningWith.Cards in Codegeist

The PlanningWith.Cards team’s ultimate goal is to help distributed & Agile teams run effective sprint planning sessions. In order to achieve this we are always on the lookout for new features and integrations for our platform that can enrich our users’ experience & help them improve their planning. We basically want to make our client’s life easier (ours too!) by developing quality software, on time & on budget.

That’s why we were very excited when we heard about the opportunity to take part on the next Codegeist, Atlassian’s ninth add-on Hackathon!

Part of our team will be participating in this Hackathon with some of the add-on tools we’ve been working on, with the hopes of creating awesome products that will work very well for the Atlassian’s users community.

What is Codegeist?

Codegeist is an “open” hackathon to improve or create new add-on’s for Atlassian’s products, namely: JIRA, Confluence, HipChat & Bitbucket. 
Open Hackathon, as in, ANYBODY can participate. You can join too! (Here)

We will be entering the competition with our product: PlanningWith.Cards.
PlanningWith.Cards is a plugin for Google Hangouts that let’s remote teams do sprint planning sessions smoothly, using the planning poker game (part of the SCRUM methodology).

PlanningWith.Cards imports the estimation results to several project management tools, like Trello, Pivotal Tracker, YouTrack, and of course JIRA. Our hope for the competition is to finish the add-on for HipChat, so anybody can run efficient sprint planning sessions in their tool of choice.

Why is Codegeist important for us right now?

Well, as you may or may not know, Atlassian has a huge community of software developing teams who are already using their products in a very large scale, most of them working remotely. Nearsoft, our parent company, is a proud member of such community. We have distributed teams working for different clients, using the best tools and methodologies. In our experience, we have encountered a few opportunities for great features to be included in our software developing process and tools. We are sure there are other teams with the same necessities, so we decided to share our tools with the rest of the world!

What do we expect during the event?

We will use this opportunity to promote collaboration in order to build cool stuff. We look forward to getting feedback from other participants and present our products and add-ons to the world.

And… Having fun of course!

Stay tuned!