Controlled by Holders and Effective: Introducing Sögur’s Governance Model

Sögur’s governance combines democractic legitimacy with the effectiveness of the corporation, while utilizing the advantages of decentralization and blockchain technology.

Representative institutions, recalibrated

Laying out the governance system

  • Ongoing monitoring and scrutinising the Executive Council and other entities’ actions, including requesting information and setting hearings with members of other branches.
  • Electing the Executive Council.
  • Dismissing the Executive Council and announcing new elections. A supermajority of 80% is required to dissolve a newly elected Executive Council. It then gradually decreases over time until it reaches a regular majority (i.e. 50%) three years following the most recent elections. This method ensures stability and promotes a long term outlook in decision making, while still allowing Participants to convey changes in their preferences.
  • Exercising a veto right over changes to Sögur’s Monetary Model.
  • Voting on specific operational matters that are under the Assembly’s authority.
  • Raising issues to be discussed and resolved by the Executive Council, including the power to require the Executive Council to discuss and resolve specific issues.
  • Dissolving the Executive Council and calling for new elections.

Implementation Timeline



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