Child Protective Services

I got a phone call from Child Protective Services. They received a report that I am leaving my children alone with a sex offender and that I may have a drinking problem.

Just unbelievable, Mike claims he didn’t call, if he didn’t someone close to him definitely did based upon the allegations, the personal information I had.

So this young 22 year old woman is assigned my case. My parenting abilities are in the control of a recent college graduate, who may or may not have kids, who definitely doesn’t have an ex-husband or any life experience, probably has no idea she is being manipulated by him.

She interviewed me, asked me a bunch of stupid questions. Did I leave my children alone with a sex offender? Um, no however; so fucking what if I did. I said did you look him up before you came out here, do you have any idea what his charges even were? No.

There is your mistake, I said could have saved you a bunch of time, even if I did it is irrelevant because he doesn’t have any restrictions surrounding children, his crime was against and adult. I also told her yes, I drink every single night I have a glass of wine. Last I knew it wasn’t a crime to drink if you are a parent.

She interviewed the kids — when she asked my son about weather or not someone looks at his private parts, he said yes. She asked who, he said my father. Do I see a problem here? No, after talking with my son about it more, what he meant was he checks him for hygiene purposes, this in-experienced girl didn’t probe him with anymore questions.

This may open up a can of worms for Mike though, I can only hope.

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