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SOKOS The New Creative Economy.

Sokos is an NFT decentralized marketplace that gives you access to your own NFT of real tangible products that have a commercial value, digital assets, art, collectibles and many more. The aim for SOKOS is to deliver a unique experience in the NFT trade where the user can own a NFT as proof of ownership and the real product also.

SOKOS provides 2 areas of operations through its Blockchain based NFT platform, NFT Market Place and NFT P2E Card Game.

NFT Marketplace: The SOKOS team carefully looks for genuine products that have a commercial value in the field of Sports, art, collectibles and digitizes the product. Next step is to mint an NFT of this product and make it available for sale on the marketplace. While minting the NFT there is an option to mint a Single unique NFT or multiple supply NFT that can be sold at a fixed price or auction.

There are two types of NFT’s on SOKOS, Physical products digitized with NFT and Digital Products.

NFT P2E Card Game is a unique one on one card playing game that is the engaging gaming solution of this platform. This gaming solution is the second phase of the product development.

Three things that make SOKOS different from other available platforms.


All rare collectibles are vetted by the SOKOS team and have the rights to sale, hence when the user buys a NFT on SOKOS they buy the original product, and the ownership of the NFT is transferred, so in future when there is a secondary sale, the record of this product is there with genuine proof of ownership.


Since the SOKOS team makes sure that every product whether a tangible, physical product or digital product is one of a kind and its properties of metadata are vetted, this makes the NFT a unique offering.


SOKOS offers NFTs from a variety of industries, such as sports, entertainment, art, and fashion. Exclusive NFTs such as limited-edition collectibles, images, autographs, videos, artwork, etc. of all the well-known celebrities and athletes can be bought and sold in one place

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