Driver or passenger?

We fill orders to transport people and goods between many places. We choose the most appropriate carrier for every order, whether they are in our network of carriers or not.

We sell software meant to improve the communication and the transactions between users and providers of transportation.

We add a subscription service for car drivers.

In order to use a car, people do such activities:

  • make it
  • learn how to operate it
  • maintain roads
  • power it
  • register it
  • insure it
  • operate it
  • use it
  • park it
  • maintain it
  • recycle it
  • pay for these things

People also manage data about the car, e.g. titles. (You can subscribe to use our program in order to manage such data.)

Ownership gives such rights:

  • the right to use the good

Let’s give these rights to those who operate the car and to those who use it!

  • the right to earn income from the good

This looks like the right of the maker and of the operator.

  • the right to transfer the good to others, alter it, abandon it, or destroy it (the right to ownership cessation)

The maker were the main holder of such rights.

  • the right to enforce property rights

The maker can give the operator the right to alter the car and the right to return it.

Let’s consider that the maker owns the car from when it designs it until they decommission it and use it in the next product cycle!

Users pay for all the services listed above, e.g.

  • a factory to make and register the car, and to train its operators
  • companies to maintain roads (This money is filtered through governments.)
  • providers of electrical energy to power the car
  • the maker or an insurer to insure the car
  • they can pay somebody to drive the car
  • they usually pay mechanics to maintain the car
  • they can pay e.g. the maker to recycle the car.

They may also owe a vehicle tax to their government. Should the car maker pay this tax?

We help the people mentioned in this list to communicate. You can join this public conversation or ask me to invite you to a private conversation.

We invite makers of vehicles and their suppliers to discuss their needs with us. We can bring about improvements.

We fill requests to provide electrical energy from renewable sources. We are interested in Tesla’s products and can help people to benefit more from them.

We like Tesla’s insuring their vehicles. Because that service is available only in California and you can prefer another car maker, you can have us get you the insurance you find most helpful. As with anything you order from us, we can recommend the most appropriate providers from our large databases. (In this case you can consider our service, too.) We let objectively the best provider win, because you are the main person who must win here.

You can ask us to take your car to a workshop; after the required service is provided in the workshop, we can deliver your car to what address you want.
We also maintain cars outside workshops. You can ask us to send someone to your car in order to e.g. clean it or replace a part.

We provide waste management services. You can ask us to help you e.g. to produce less waste or to recycle car materials.

People use cars to meet others for work or for play.

A ride of 2,000 km is rather tiring, one of 1,500 km is bearable. The shorter the ride, the more probable it is that people take it. The longer the ride, the more comfortable it can be in a bus; trains are even more comfortable. While one can ride a plane for hundreds of kilometers, they say that planes are made for the longest rides. Buses and trains are the strongest competitors of cars. Vans play an important role in public transportation and show that we must adapt the size of vehicles to people’s needs.

When one designs a new vehicle, we can help them consider the demand when they choose the size and shape of the room for people and goods. People will share vehicles more and more.

Beside making available to users a vehicle of the right size, we make it easier mainly for drivers to avail themselves of vehicles that meet their needs better. Drivers should transfer the road taxes and insurance premiums, power the car, park it, and have it maintained.

Others have offered such things:

  • Buy a car!
  • Take a loan to pay for the car! (more expensive)
  • Rent a car! (the most expensive)
  • Share a car!

The Swiss company WeeShare includes maintenance, road taxes, and insurance, and charges USD 0.43 / km.

What other offers do you have?

We offer this:
You place with us an order for one of many cars.
We deliver it.
You register it.
We insure it.
You decide who operates it, uses it, and parks it.
You can ask us for any service. If you ask us for parking, we’d focus on the longer parking times (night parking). We can help design parking that costs you fewer resources. The more your car is driven, the less we focus on parking and the less it costs you.
We maintain the car to the extent that you want.
Every person who damages the cars is liable according to the applicable laws.
You can return the car to us on almost any day.
You can have us deliver another car promptly.
You pay us monthly.
This subscription allows you to drive a car for any amount of time, e.g. for a month or 10 years.

We make this service better than these and these e.g. by communicating with you often and clearly. We can deliver vehicles of more brands to more places, and offer better maintenance and insurance. While the following table includes inaccurate data and is meant only to support starting this discussion, it can mean that we can help you benefit from driving a car more than many other teams can.

A few car makers credit some customers themselves instead of having a financial service provider do that, but it’s difficult to say that this new offer is better than the old one. Car makers can instead negotiate with us how much we and they credit you, and work with us to improve your benefit-cost ratio.

You can pair this with our service that helps people just use means of transportation. We can insure each person and vehicle.

We start with cars and vans. We can add buses and trucks, depending on your requests. For what other means of transportation would you like to use our services?




You can ask us to make, analyse, and update your plan to manage many types of resources in any type of organisation.

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