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How to Provide Liquidity for the SOLACE/wNEAR Farm on Trisolaris

If you’re interested in providing liquidity and getting a slice of the 6 million $SOLACE that will be distributed as a bonus to liquidity providers, here are the steps to get started.

  1. Get funds in Aurora. You’ll need to bridge your tokens through the Rainbow Bridge. Check out our previous article on how to do this.
  2. Once you have tokens in Aurora, you’ll need to get both $SOLACE and $wNEAR. We recommend using Trisolaris to get your tokens.
  3. In the swap, choose the Select a token drop-down.
  4. In the search screen, click the bottom button to Change token lists.

5. Make sure both lists are On, specifically the raw token list.

You can also search the token and add it.

  • $SOLACE: 0x501acE9c35E60f03A2af4d484f49F9B1EFde9f40
SOLACE token address

5. Once you now can search and input $SOLACE, make a swap for $SOLACE.

ETH to SOLACE swap

6. Follow these sames steps to get wNEAR (search token, swap). Make sure that you’re getting the same or similar value of SOLACE and wNEAR tokens.

7. Once you have both tokens, head to wNEAR/SOLACE Liquidity Pool and input your token values to match a 50/50 split.

8. Confirm the transaction.

9. Go to the Farm page and find the wNEAR/SOLACE liquidity pool. Click on the Deposit button.

10. Once you’re in, input your liquidity deposits and confirm the transaction.

Congrats! You’ve successfully provided liquidity into the wNEAR/SOLACE pool and are now mining rewards!




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