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Solace Partners with Gelato and GYSR to Launch Uniswap Liquidity Pool on Polygon

Since the launch of Solace on Polygon in February of 2022, the team has been focusing on increasing Solace’s presence on the chain. Today, we’re taking another step to that goal.

In addition to launching Solace Wallet Cover on Polygon, Solace is launching a SOLACE/FRAX liquidity pool on Uniswap that will have automated liquidity management and incentives for liquidity providers (LPs) thanks to Gelato and GYSR, respectively.

Gelato’s G-UNI pools have automated liquidity management for Uniswap V3 pools, specifically re-balancing and auto-compounding functionalities. Thanks to their solution, we know that liquidity providers don’t have to worry about manually managing their position.

We’re also working with GYSR to deploy $SOLACE token incentives, distributing 6 million $SOLACE tokens over three months (~$340,000) to LPs.

How to Provide Liquidity and Get $SOLACE Rewards

  1. Get some $SOLACE via Sushiswap (Ethereum), Trisolaris (Aurora) or from Bonds, and get some FRAX from Uniswap (Ethereum), or 1inch (Eth, Polygon, etc.)
  2. Go to Sorbet Finance, and find the SOLACE/FRAX pool. (sometimes Mediums takes a bit to redirect)
  3. Select the pool and add liquidity to the pair.
  4. Go to GYSR, and find the SOLACE/FRAX pool.
  5. Select the pool and stake your G-UNI tokens.

Now, you set yourself up to earn from the $SOLACE emissions!

By tapping into the existing DeFi community of LPs and farmers of GYSR, Solace hopes to introduce and activate users to Solace’s insurance tools and ecosystem.

Get $50 Free of Solace Wallet Cover

If you want to get your wallet covered for hacks, use this referral link to get $50 free when you open your first policy. Check out the video below to learn how:

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Check out how Solace Wallet Cover dynamically protects your wallet as you move in and out of DeFi positions:

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Check out how to take advantage of your $SOLACE through bonding and staking below:

How to Bond and Stake $SOLACE Video




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