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Solace Portfolio Insurance V3 Is Live


Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI) V3 update solves an additional set of user problems. Ultimately making it easier for investors to focus on yields instead of extra-managing their policies or worrying about hacks and exploits. Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI) V3 update improves the user experience and makes buying a policy even simpler so you as the investor can focus on securing the highest yield with less risk of hacks or exploits.

(Last week we announced Solace Wallet Coverage (SWC) rebranding to Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI). See here for more details)

Key points:

  • Improved UI
  • Investors can pay for coverage in $SOLACE
  • Investors can pay for coverage in USDC and USDT
  • Investors can get a quote on potential positions with our portfolio simulator

Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI)

SPI is a unique product in the decentralized insurance space. It’s set apart from the competitors by its features and more importantly by the problems it solves for investors and explorers.

  • SPI takes advantage of risk-pooling a user’s portfolio, which greatly increases underwriting capital efficiency compared to every other competitor.
  • Even as a user changes their portfolio positions, Solace monitors changes and adjusts the risk rate dynamically for coverage accordingly. This prevents an investor from having to constantly manage their policy and overpaying for it.
  • The investor is able to immediately see the risk rating and what is being paid for with their premiums. Additionally, Solace is the only crypto protection protocol to publish its pricing, risk data, and risk models to GitHub and decentralized storage using IPFS.
  • It’s no surprise that DeFi is unforgiving to its users. We dedicated ourselves to providing investors and explorers with friendly and intuitive risk management tools. This is why our users need just a few clicks to activate your policy.

SPI V3 update

The new update was deployed on June 24. Its purpose is to push the boundaries of the insurance space further by tackling a new set of user problems.

Improved UI

SPI V3 is even more intuitive and an efficient tool to activate and manage your portfolio.

New payment options

Easier to pay premiums with $SOLACE, USDT and USDC.

Additionally, users can top-up their policy balance directly from staking rewards.

Quote simulator

With the quote simulator, users can get a quote on simulated portfolio positions.

About Solace

Solace is a decentralized insurance protocol that offers Solace Portfolio Insurance, the first DeFi insurance product that allows a user to insure positions for over 220 DeFi protocols across Ethereum, Fantom, Aurora and Polygon with one policy. The coverage is personalized to your wallet’s portfolio, even if you change DeFi positions daily. Token holders can stake $SOLACE to earn emissions of policy sales and token distribution. Because Solace owns its underwriting capital, payouts are made by Solace, and stakers are never liquidated during a claim.

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