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‘No Sharding: The Solana Podcast’ Looks into the Future of Blockchain

Featuring Solana’s builders and blockchain leaders, it just might be the most performant blockchain podcast in the world.

Transparency and communication are essential factors when building the world’s first web-scale blockchain. Without them, neither a network nor the community that enlivens it can achieve consensus or success.

The Solana team has spent much of the past year heads down and hyper-focused on building the architecture required to bring 50,000 TPS on a decentralized network to reality. Now that we’re fast approaching a watershed mainnet launch projected for October 2019, it’s time to explain in detail the technology and innovations that make the Solana Network so performant — and how the global blockchain community can get involved.

Introducing: No Sharding: The Solana Podcast.

Episodes of No Sharding — hosted by Solana communications svengali Andrew Hydefeature core Solana core team members in conversation alongside handpicked leaders and builders from around the blockchain space. With the Solana tech team comprised of pioneering technologists from Qualcomm, Intel, Netscape, Google, and the CERN Particle Accelerator, there’s a lot to learn! Issues of decentralization, scaling, and functionality in blockchain lead the conversation, while the emergent Solana culture means that tangents into more obscure subjects like underwater hockey do occasionally occur.

For developers, No Sharding is the most effective way to get clued in on essential elements of the Solana network as told directly from those building the world’s first web-scale blockchain. Whether it’s scaling, Proof of History, Validator nodes or Tour de SOL, No Sharding has you covered.

Check out the first four episodes of No Sharding:

Episode One: What is Solana?

Solana Co-Founder Greg Fitzgerald joins for an introductory lesson on Solana and its technology infrastructure. The first episode is an excellent introduction to the project, its tech, and team.

Episode Two: How Does Solana Work?

From the brand new Solana office in SoMa San Francisco, Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko explains just how fast Solana is, and what really matters when it comes to transactional capacity.

Episode Three: What is Tour de SOL?

Solana Chief Scientist Eric Williams explains Validator nodes, the inner workings of Tour de SOL, Solana’s incentivized testnet event, and discusses his time working at the CERN Particle Accelerator in Switzerland.

Episode Four: How to Get Involved with Decentralized Open Source

Dominic Tseng of Solana joins the podcast to discuss how he went from a Solana Telegram community member to joining the team and working on global business development—and how community members like yourself can make similar transitions deeper into the blockchain ecosystem.

While the first few episodes function as introductions to Solana tech and team, the discussion will quickly progress towards the salient questions posed by the Solana project and challenges facing the blockchain industry.

With the Solana Network approaching a mainnet launch, No Sharding is an unfiltered and extensive look into the Solana project — and the entire blockchain space — as we enter a new phase of performance in distributed ledger technology. With capacity on the Solana network already tracking over 50,000 transactions per second, it’s only fitting to have a podcast that has equally ambitious aims of being the most performant podcast in blockchain.

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