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Solana Takes Over San Francisco Blockchain Week — and You’re Invited!

Join us for 3 events focusing on Layer One, Decentralized Finance, and mimosas for breakfast

The global blockchain industry will converge in the Bay Area when San Francisco Blockchain Weekkicks off on Monday, October 28th, bringing together the most innovative and exciting projects in blockchain and decentralization, along with thousands of developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. As a Bay Area-native company and industry-leading layer one blockchain network, Solana will be playing a big part in the proceedings by hosting three separate events throughout the course of the week.

The various events will feature a number of the most advanced layer one blockchain networks, a live recording of the No Sharding podcastwith SKALE, and a closing party inviting the most remarkable projects from the sector of decentralized finance.

The events will provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about the most important projects in the next wave of blockchain development, and interact with members of the Solana team at the home of the organization — possibly with a mimosa in hand!

You’re invited to all three events below. We look forward to meeting you there…

Layer One Blockchain Architecture

Wednesday, October 30th. 5:30–8:00PM PT// Eventbrite Invitation.

Join us at San Francisco Blockchain Week at Solana HQ on Wednesday, October 30th for a night that’s all about Layer One Blockchain Architecture. The event will feature a deep dive into layer one solutions alongside some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry:

Solana: Stephen Akridge, Principal Engineer & Co-Founder

Near: Alexander Skidanov, Founder

Coda: Evan Shapiro, CEO & Co-Founder

Harmony: Rongjian Lan, Chief Technical Officer

Nervos: Jan Xie, Chief Architect

The Solana HQ is conveniently located just two blocks over from the Marriott Marquis. This event will feature 15-minute presentations from each project followed by a panel discussion diving into blockchain architecture. This event is free to attend. Drinks and food will be provided.

5:30–6:30: Drinks and opening presentations

6:30–7:15: Panel discussion between Harmony, Solana, Nervos, and Coda

7:15–8:00: Ending remarks and networking


Evan is the CEO and co-founder of O(1) Labs, a software development company building Coda Protocol. Coda is a protocol with a succinct blockchain, making user-friendly crypto apps easier to develop. Prior to founding O(1) Labs, Evan was an engineer for Mozilla and a researcher in the Carnegie Mellon Personal Robotics Lab.


The Nervos Network is an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and collection of protocols solving the biggest challenges facing blockchains today. From the creators of imToken — the world’s largest Ethereum wallet, Spark Pool — the largest ETH mining pool, Cryptape — China’s leading blockchain engineering team and contributors to Bitcoin and Ethereum core protocol research and development. Jan is the founder at Cryptape, former core researcher & developer at Ethereum Foundation


Our open infrastructure is a revolutionary high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus platform designed to power decentralized economies of the future. Rongjian Lan was a search infrastructure engineer for Play Store at Google. He published over 10 academic papers on Spatio-temporal querying and map-based visualization.


NEAR Protocol is a scalable blockchain designed to provide the performance and user experience necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.


Solana has built an exceptionally fast, secure, and scalable blockchain network — that functions at 50k transactions per second — for decentralized apps and companies. Utilizing revolutionary innovations like Proof of History, Solana has created the world’s first web-scale blockchain. Stephen has 10 years of critical GPU optimization expertise at Qualcomm and Intel. He led the GPU backend that constantly beat Nvidia.

Pancakes and Mimosas / Live Podcast Recording ft. SKALE

Thursday, October 31. 8AM-10AM, Solana HQ// Eventbrite Invitation.

Join fellow San Francisco Blockchain Week participants along with core members of the Solana team for a complimentary catered breakfast and mimosas to get your SFBW morning started the right way!

Solana will be doing a live recording of the No Sharding Podcast featuring guest Jack O’Holleran, Co-Founder and CEO of SKALE Labs.

Jack is a veteran Silicon Valley Technology entrepreneur with a deep background in machine learning/AI technologies, security, and blockchain. Prior to co-founding SKALE, his resume includes positions as co-founder of Aktana and of IncentAlign. He also held executive positions at Good Technology and Motorola. Jack has been actively involved in cryptocurrencies and decentralization as an investor since early 2013 and began working full-time in the space in early 2017.

The event will also be hosted at the Solana HQ, just two blocks away from the Marriott Marquis where SFBW is being hosted. Each ticket guarantees breakfast and drinks. This event is free.


The SKALE Network is an elastic, modular network of blockchains built with cutting edge containerization technology and cryptography. The result is an easy-to-use, secure, fast, cost-effective decentralized cloud.

The Future of DeFi — San Francisco Blockchain Week Closing Event & Party

November 1st 6–8pm PT, Solana HQ// Eventbrite Invitation.

To culminate the end of another San Francisco Blockchain Week, Solana is throwing a closing event and party celebrating the incredible developments made in Decentralized Finance in 2019. The event will feature short and informal panel discussions from the world’s leading DeFi projects, followed by a celebratory party with an open bar.

The event will also feature a fireside chat on the subject of sharding between Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko and Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov

The projects and representatives include:

0x: Amir Bandeali, Co-Founder and CTO

Hummingbot: Yingdan Liang, Head of Marketing

Dydx: Zhuoxun Yin, Head of Operations

DDEX: Tianfang Li, CEO of Hydro Protocol

Fireside Chat:

Solana: Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO and Co-Founder

Chainlink: Sergey Nazarov, CEO



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