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Blockchain Australia, blockchain development and consulting company, becomes VC Partner for SolanaPrime

March 21, 2022 — We’re delighted to announce that Blockchain Australia has joined SolanaPrime as a VC partner, working together to grow the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Australia is Australia’s leading blockchain development and consulting company. Its primary goal is to revolutionise society by offering creative solutions based on the disruptive technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The company offers various services, such as designing blockchain-based strategies, turning real-world assets like art, venture capital funds, and real estate into security token (STO) offerings, and delivering blockchain solutions for startups, corporate teams, and investors. Besides this, Blockchain Australia’s team also offer legal advice and NFT consulting services.

“Working with Blockchain Australia will highlight opportunities and promising Solana projects in the region, as well as further drive the promises of blockchain technology and the Solana ecosystem.” — Ramiro Gamen, Co-Founder and Head of Business Dev at SolanaPrime

SolanaPrime will be working with Blockchain Australia to provide high-quality crypto projects to users and create a positive impact on communities worldwide. The Blockchain Australia team has extensive experience in marketing, a strong background in advocacy and education in the blockchain industry and a vast network of the world’s leading emerging technology experts.

About Blockchain Australia:

Blockchain Australia™ is Australia’s leading blockchain development and consulting company. We deliver all services required for a launch for any Blockchain or Crypto related business, including Legal, Consulting, Tech, Marketing & Incubation. At Blockchain Australia™, our mission is to lead the way in advanced technology adaptation, and connect Australia to the future of technology. We want to build the local skills and knowledge available in Australia, position our country on the technology world stage, and contribute to the local development of Cognitive Technologies.

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About SolanaPrime:

SolanaPrime is a Solana-powered, fully decentralised IDO launchpad platform. It serves as the primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse dApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem, either as direct token participation in the IDO or indirect exposure to SolanaPrime in its entirety.

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