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Era Spheres, a P2E game for hardcore gamers, to hold IDO on the SolanaPrime launchpad

June 2, 2022SolanaPrime and Era Spheres have partnered to launch the $ERA token on the Solana powered, fully decentralized launchpad.

Era Spheres is a hardcore 2D MMORPG game on Solana, owned by players. Users will be able to collaborate with other players, combine Sphere Magic, and fight for the very survival of humanity.

The world of Era Spheres has amazing hand-crafted, pixelated landscapes where users can play as a Warden, Spellcaster or Prodigy. The whole map of Era Spheres will be divided into sections and owned by players as NFT-based pieces of land to get in-game bonuses and other perks.

Players will find two dynamically engaging ways to interact with the world of Era Spheres:

  • Traverse the overworld finding rest in settlements filled with engaging and diverse NPCs, shops, and human players. Players can engage in quests, exchange items, farm the land, and more.
  • Participate in the dungeon crawling and raid system of Era Spheres. Initially, raids consist of three players who collaborate to clear set raid parameters, allowing for a multitude of combat scenarios. As the lore and world of Era Spheres evolves, players can enjoy rich new configurations, allowing them to test their skills collaboratively.

The project will have two main utility tokens. The main game Token, $ERA, has several characteristics that make it a crucial component to the world of Era Spheres:

  • Play-to-Earn — 30–50% of ERA tokens are reserved for players who win special events and tournaments.
  • Staking — Players can stake their ERA tokens to access uniquely difficult raids and dungeons that offer rarer drops and equipment.
  • Deflationary — A percentage of cast-out fees derived from staking are used to buy back and burn ERA tokens from the open market.
  • Accessible — ERA tokens are available on DEXs and CEXs.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Era Spheres and be launching a token that will serve as the key to true gamers’ paradise. P2E is a rewarding experience for gamers and we believe Era Spheres will grow strong together with their community.” — Ramiro Gamen, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at SolanaPrime

Era Spheres was founded by Florian Hermet, the CEO of Nodeseeds, one of SolanaPrime’s early investors. The upcoming IDO will further strengthen the partner relationship with Nodeseeds and Era Spheres as we hold the launch of their first P2E GameFi project.

The secondary Token $SPHERES serves as a powerful in game asset. It will serve as the unit of account within the world of Era Spheres. Also, it will be impermanent, limitless and liquid, for players to use it for buying equipment from vendors and other players and receive SPHERES when selling their equipment to NPCs.

“Era Spheres will appeal to hardcore gamers and especially those favouring old MMORPGs, Everquest 2-like games! We’re excited to be launching $ERA on SolanaPrime, a launchpad dedicated to empowering Solana-based projects and making it easier for people to get involved with the ecosystem and what it has to offer.” — Florian Hermet, Founder of Era Spheres

About Era Spheres:

Era Spheres is a MMORPG created by MMO hardcore gamers, for gamers. Players will be able to own the land & bosses in-game through NFTs and get some in-game QoL benefits.

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About SolanaPrime:

SolanaPrime is a Solana-powered, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform. It serves as the primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse dApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem, either as a direct token participation in the IDO or an indirect exposure to SolanaPrime in its entirety.

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