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How to swap PRIME on Raydium

Raydium is Solana’s most liquid DEX; here’s a guide on how to swap PRIME tokens in it.

To trade on Raydium, users must have a Solana compatible wallet. We recommend Phantom and because SolanaPrime’s dApp is currently supporting it, this guide will use it as an example.

Step 1 — Visit Raydium’s DEX

Once you have your Phantom wallet created and funded with USDC, you can now head to, making sure that the URL is: and that the page has a valid SSL certificate (lock symbol to the left of the URL).

Then select the “Launch App” button:

Step 2 — Connecting your wallet

Once in the exchange, visit the “Swap” section in the side-bar. You will be prompted with the following screen:

Here, you will click on the “Connect Wallet” button and select the “Phantom” option.

Once selected, your Phantom wallet should pop up and ask you for confirmation of the connection with Raydium, hit approve and you should be connected!

— Pro tip; to make sure you have connected your wallet properly, you can see the first and last characters of the address you have connected to Raydium in the upper hand corner like so:

If you have many addresses in one Phantom wallet, you can easily switch to one that has the funds you wish to use by disconnecting the wallet from Raydium, opening the Phantom extension from your Chrome screen, opening up the menu in the left hand side, and picking a different address.

Step 3 — Swap some PRIME

Click the top token drop-down menu and select any token you hold to ‘Swap’ for PRIME, in this case USDC.

Now click the bottom token drop-down menu and search for the PRIME token.

If you are looking to sell PRIME for USDC in the pool, you can manage the swap the other way around by clicking the arrows in between the two selected tokens.

Now that you have your swap set up correctly, Raydium lets you input “Max” or “Half” of your wallet’s funds, or you can manually type out the amount of tokens you want to swap in the top section, and you should see the amount of tokens you will receive in the bottom section.

— Tip: before you hit the “Swap” button, make sure to double check the swap information and ensure it is as intended.

“Swapping through” refers to which pool your trade is going to be executed in. Depending on whether Raydium has decided if its AMM or Serum’s central order book is most efficient, it will display it to you here.

“Slippage tolerance” is editable, but we recommend keeping everything as is. This is how much you are willing to “sacrifice” in order for this trade to execute successfully. For more information read here.

The rest is information regarding fees, overall price impact and the amount of tokens you will be receiving. If these parameters are OK with you, then you can hit the “Swap” button to finalize the transaction. You will be prompted with a Phantom screen as such:

You can approve the transaction in this final step and have the corresponding PRIME tokens be sent out to your wallet.

Congratulations, you have just swapped your USDC for PRIME tokens! You can now head on over to SolanaPrime and stake your tokens to participate in the upcoming IDOs!



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