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SolanaPrime IDO Guide: How to Participate in the PRIME IDO

We are very excited to announce the hosting of our own $PRIME IDO on Thursday, May 26th, 2022 at 12:00 PM UTC!

Please take a moment to read through this step-by-step guide for buying PRIME tokens in an initial public round. We will cover the basic setup and procedure for you to get into the round correctly.

The first step is wallet creation. SolanaPrime IDO’s will be compatible with many Solana Web 3.0 wallets, but for the PRIME IDO, please use the Phantom wallet. If you already have a Phantom wallet, you can skip to step 2.

Step 1 — Phantom Wallet Creation

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Brave browser, Phantom has a safe and easy-to-use Web3 crypto wallet that you can easily add to your browser as an extension. To add this lightweight extension to your browser head over to here and choose the extension button of your preferred browser.

Next, click on the Add / install button for the extension to be added, following the necessary instructions that may be provided by Phantom. Once the extension is downloaded, open it, and this screen will appear:

As you do not have a wallet of your own, you will click “Create new wallet” and follow all instructions provided by Phantom; these include:

  1. Creating a password.
  2. Writing down a 12-word secret phrase somewhere safe.

ALWAYS remember: this phrase is for your eyes only. Any third parties who have access to this phrase will have full access to your wallet’s funds.

If you need help creating a Phantom account, or troubleshooting the download process, check out their handy FAQs here. Please note, we cannot assist with issues at the Phantom account creation stage. If you need help here, please contact Phantom support.

ProTip — Never share or digitally store the seed phrase you’re given when creating your Phantom account. If you lose this seed phrase, or it’s stolen, any funds in your wallet could be irrevocably lost. We will never ask you for your seed phrase. Neither SolanaPrime nor any other entity can assist you if your seed phrase is lost or stolen, it is your sovereign responsibility to ensure its safety.

That’s it! You now have a Wallet to support all SPL tokens and NFTs in the Solana ecosystem!


Step 2— Funding your wallet.

As all transactions in Solana are paid out in SOL, you should remember to fund your Phantom wallet with SOL tokens.

And, for buying into the PRIME IDO, you need some USDC to swap for PRIME tokens.

You can send both tokens through the Solana Network from a CEX of your liking (such as Binance or FTX). The important thing to keep in mind is that the transaction should be done through the Solana Network, from your CEX`s account to your Phantom’s wallet address following these steps:

1) Log in to your Phantom wallet.

2) Click on “Deposit”.

3) Next search SOL like so:

4) Copy the SOL address that shows up, like so:

5) Use this address to send your SOL tokens to your Phantom wallet.

You can choose to do so with SOL and USDC, or swap any tokens you might be missing on your Phantom wallet from any DEX; we recommend Raydium:

Pro tip: DEX’s are great to easily swap USDC, and any other stablecoins, for more SOL in case you might need some more to account for transaction fees.

Step 3— Connect Phantom to SolanaPrime app.

Visit our landing page =>, and click the “Launch App” button!

Please take a moment to double-check the URL is: and that the page has a valid SSL certificate (lock symbol to the left of the URL).

Now you’re ready to connect your Phantom wallet to SolanaPrime. Opening the SolanaPrime app can result in a couple of different scenarios, depending on your browser, cache, etc.

A button can be easily found to connect your wallet.

When a menu of wallets for you to choose from appears, click on Phantom.

Whether a Phantom window automatically opens in the top right corner when you arrive on SolanaPrime, or you have picked the Phantom option manually; login to your wallet and then click “Approve” as shown below:

If everything went well, you should see the following image containing the null amount of PRIME tokens in your wallet (we will change this in a minute)!

KYC verification is not needed for the PRIME IDO.

Also, you should have a little wallet icon with your wallet address in the right side of the application, you can make sure that the connected address is the correct one, where you have funded the PRIME tokens into and not another sub-wallet in your Phantom.

Step 4— Participate in the IDO!

As PRIME tokens will not require registration, this phase will not be displayed. Instead, a “Pre-Launch” interface should be visible where you can check out information about the IDO itself, such as token price, total raise target, initial market cap, total IDO supply of tokens, and information about the project.

Once the IDO’s “Pre-launch” countdown is over, you will see the “Sale” interface show itself like so:

Make sure you have connected your Phantom wallet to the SolanaPrime dApp, explained in step 2, and that you have linked the address with your funds in USDC.

Now you are ready to send USDC in exchange for PRIME tokens! Enter the amount of USDC you want to use, or hit “MAX” to use all your wallet’s available funds. You should be able to see the corresponding tokens that you would receive.

Once you have entered the correct amount of USDC tokens the “Enter an amount” button should turn blue and say “BUY” like so:

Click on the buy button, and a confirmation message will appear in the top right hand corner of the page:

This is Phantom’s way of verifying the transaction you are about to make! Once you have approved this transaction, making sure that all transaction details correspond to what you are doing, the following message should appear from the dApp.

You may check the transaction in SolScan explorer by clicking the first option, or head back to the dApp by hitting OK.

Step 5— Claim your PRIME tokens!

This part of our tutorial only addresses the process of claiming your recently bought PRIME tokens.

As the PRIME IDO will have no lock-up, users will be able to claim as soon as the IDO officially ends on the 27th of May. At this point, click the Claim button.

Approve the transaction via the Phantom pop-up.

Wait for the transaction to complete.

Once you see this message displayed it means that the transaction has been completed and your PRIME tokens are now available in your Phantom wallet!

Congratulations, you have just participated in the Initial Decentralized Offering of SolanaPrime’s PRIME token!

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