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SolanaPrime Industry Use Case #2: The Metaverse

Placing the SolanaPrime launchpad in context

Beyond the physical universe there lies the Metaverse. A futuristic term promising limitless opportunities for individual experiences in a new world. A buzzword evoking a wide spectrum of controversial emotions — from excitement to apprehension and skepticism. Will the Metaverse be a common ground to dream, create and interact in unimaginable ways, or will it turn into a dystopian virtual world, co-opted by Big Tech? These are all valid questions in 2022. The future of the Metaverse is going to be, figuratively and literally, written by us, the Web3 engineers.

The Metaverse, or at least the one Neal Stephenson first described so vividly back in his classic cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, still sounds like a far-fetched concept. Right now, the Metaverse is just a rough draft, an initial blueprint of that all-encompassing virtual world from the author’s imagination. A free world that stands in stark contrast to the corporate, real-world dystopia of the future. It would be fair to acknowledge that the groundwork for what is yet to come is already being built. The foundations of the Metaverse are being laid on the good old Web2-era Internet that we currently use and know so well. It’s more or less the same World Wide Web that some 30 years ago suffered accusations of being a useless fad, a threat to millions of jobs, attracting confident predictions of its imminent “collapse”. Easily shrugging off any doom ‘n gloom “expert” predictions from 20 years ago and aligning much more with David Bowie’s spot-on prophetic 1999 description, the Internet now hosts a variety of layers and platforms, facilitating multiple aspects of our everyday lives, such as work, banking, commerce, entertainment and socialization. Web3 promises to decentralize all of that.

Decentralizing the future

Some of the proto-concepts already exist mostly within the blockchain gaming industry, while others, such as utility NTFs enabling ownable and transferrable Metaverse items and virtual real estate, are just emerging. A natural stage in the evolution of the Internet and a convergence point for innovative tech trends and modern-day ideologies, the concept of a blockchain-based, mostly decentralized Web3 has gained quite a lot of popularity as of late. Naturally, this brings with it a set of very high expectations.

We imagine the Metaverse being built on Solana as much more than just “the Internet, but in 3D” or a money-grabbing scheme by bandwagon-jumping entrepreneurs. We imagine a blockchain-based, DAO-governed, community-driven social environment that will invite us to try new models of human interaction. We are excited by the possibility of owning our personal data through Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and of peer-to-peer interactions without intermediaries via Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). We are all looking forward to the Zuckerberg-free Metaverse. Will it be possible?

Indeed, the Metaverse will have its own governance model and financial ecosystem, empowering users to monetize their efforts whilst participating in its construction. It will very likely disrupt the Web2 marketing model of aggressive advertising, sponsored content and users-as-product mentality, forcing companies to rethink their strategies for consumer engagement. We can already envision a functioning meta-economy with fully decentralized payment systems, financial services deployed on blockchains and a new, decentralized E-commerce (MetaFi).

Making it all happen on Solana

Built on the promise of Solana’s fast and scalable dApps, SolanaPrime offers access to the blank canvas on which we can visualize the Metaverse together. Several promising projects have already chosen Solana as the underlying blockchain that will run their visionary virtual worlds. Solice is focusing on the VR experience and the social element, Good Games Guild (GGG) aims to become the largest gaming hub, uniting diverse communities of gamers in a single ecosystem, and Star Atlas is creating a spectacular Metaverse-like, sci-fi experience.

A Solana-powered IDO launchpad arrives as a natural next step on the long path to an equal-opportunity, open-source Metaverse. It all started with launching a powerful blockchain mainnet, continued with partnerships to support start-ups, and now it is time to bring it all together. With the Solana developer community on our side, we have an army of Web3 developers and future Metaverse engineers in our corner. And with forward-thinking investors and partners, such as Pluto Digital, Llama Ventures, Sheesha Finance, Next Chymia (from Kenji Sasaki), Influx Group, Nodeseeds, Faculty Capital, Contango Digital Assets, ZBS Capital, Stratosphere, Baselayer Capital and Arenum already backing us, it looks like the Zuck already has something to worry about.

This is only the beginning. If you truly wish to be at the forefront of the Solanaverse, follow us:

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