Manual for trading SOL on OpenLedger

Based in Denmark, the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), is the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate, based on BitShares technology, supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) Services.

How to Register

Registration is free. Your account is your secure online portfolio — only ever accessible by you. Capable of managing hundreds of crypto assets with deposits and withdrawal of both crypto and traditional FIAT funds (Government Issued Currencies i.e. USD, EUR & CNY).

Follow these steps to create your account.

For new account press the button that says, Create Account.

Choose the USE THE ACCOUNT MODEL option.

  1. Create an account name;
  2. System will generate a password for you, you have to store it!
  3. Confirm the password;
  4. Check the box;
  5. Check another box;
  6. Push the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Now you will have a final chance to backup your password.

Click I understand and your account will be ready to use.

Deposit SOL to OpenLedger

  1. Open your existing OpenLedger account;
  3. Choose SOL from drop-down list;
  4. Copy ETH address for deposit;
  5. Open your ETH wallet and send SOL to copied deposit address.

When tokens will be transferred to deposit address you can find it on dashboard page.

SOL is shown on OpenLedger as a open.SOL. All currencies show BTS equivalent by default.

Withdraw SOL

  • Minimal value for withdrawal should be 400 SOL;
  • Gate fee for withdrawal is 200 SOL (deducted from withdrawal amount);
  • Transaction fee is about 0.08 SOL;
  • Thus for withdraw operation you should have not less than 400,1 SOL in your Account.

Withdraw process is simple.

  1. Push button DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW on the main menu;
  2. Choose the OPEN.SOL from drop-down list;
  3. Choose Withdrawal;
  1. Set amount to withdraw, not less than 400;
  2. Set ETH address to withdraw;
  3. Push the WITHDRAW button.

Buy and Sell SOL

Choose EXCHANGE on the main menu.

You have to choose a market for exchange. The most popular are: BTC, ETC, USD, BTS.

BTC is shown as Open.BTC on OpenLedger

ETH is shown as Open.ETH on OpenLedger

ETH is shown as USD on OpenLedger

BTS is shown as BTS on OpenLedger

To find a market you have to choose FIND MARKETS from drop-down list or write necessary market, if it doesn’t show.

Then type OPEN.SOL for the Asset Name.

Click OPEN.SOL to activate pair.

Here are the links to most popular pairs for you:

To exchange SOL you can use existing orders or create your own order.

  1. Price for Sell or Buy SOL. You can either set it manually or it will load automatically from orders.
  2. SOL’s quantity for Sell or Buy. You can either set it manually or it will load automatically from orders.
  3. Total amount for deal.
  4. Transaction fee.
  5. Opened orders which you have to choose.
  6. Shows your opened orders.
  7. Shows your trades.