SOL Tokens distribution is completed

We are excited to announce that the SOL Tokens have been distributed today, December 29.

Accessing your SOL tokens

SOL Tokens conform to the ERC20 standard. That enables them to integrate with many existing wallets and exchanges. All ERC20 wallets have a similar process for adding ERC20 tokens. You must input some information about the Token:

Token Name: Sola Token
Token Symbol: SOL
Decimals: 6
Contract Address: 0x1f54638b7737193ffd86c19ec51907a7c41755d8

If using a MyEtherWallet, please proceed with following instructions:
1. In a new tab, navigate to the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MyEtherWallet
2. Unlock your wallet
3. Click “Add Custom Token” on the right side
4. Enter the “Address”: 0x1f54638b7737193ffd86c19ec51907a7c41755d8
5. Token Symbol: SOL
6. Enter “Decimals”: 6
7. Click “Save”

Other wallets’ processes may vary, please check instruction for your wallet. If you still have trouble, contact us directly at or via Telegram chat, we will try to help you out.

You can now buy and sell SOL on Etherdelta, and in a few days, also on OpenLedger DEX.

Thanks to all of you for standing with Sola and helping us build a future of social media!

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