Tentacles for Everyone

Maybe you want to promote Plag, maybe you just like things with tentacles. And maybe you sometimes see someone swiping up and down on their pone and wonder if they are plaging and if yes who they are, and you think it would be nice to have a secret Plag symbol they could recognise you by, all casually. We can fix you up. Many users came up with great things. Here are some you can download or make yourself.

Your Own Small Army

You always dreamed of your own small army? All you need is a printer, scissors, paper, glue and this pattern by [02], currently known as The Second Jesus. There is a night mode and a day mode version. You can download both of them here.

A Virus Key Chain

Most of us made these in kindergarten now and again. We put googly eyes on them or sewed them to caps or gave them to our grandma who put them into a drawer and forgot about them completely five minutes after. This easy-to-make virus thing can guard your keys or your phone or your handbag. To make a night-mode version, just use white yarn. The idea is Panni’s.


Meshtags is a drawable barcode system. You create your own code out of lines and triangles and use the meshtag app to link it to your content. You can then draw your meshtag on any surface in any colour for others to scan. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity. These two patterns are linked to Plag. Made by Redjard.

Telegram Stickers

Telegram without stickers would be … a place where one could actually have a conversation. There is no Telegram without stickers. But here, at least, are some good ones. Beautifully made by aviditas.

One for the Readers

Just a beautiful and well-texted Plag bookmark by Green**. Make one for yourself or hide some in books you like at your local library for strangers to find.

One for the Gamers

We really want a Plag-themed game. And there are so many good ideas floating around. This is something for you to co-create and play around with, yet to be made. Click on the cards to join the discussion.

If you have invented anything Plag-related you would like to submit for the next edition of “Tentacles for Everyone” (and I am aware that, strictly speaking, this should be “Flagella for Everyone”), please drop me a line and a link at november@plag.com.