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Solar Chronicles

Sitting in the Shade of my Solar Panels…

You’ll be stunned at the financial and ecological difference solar panels make — just by “being there”!

Case study of the temperature difference on a rooftop with solar panels.

Solar panels provide some passive benefits that are often overlooked — like shading the roof (similar to a big shade tree) so the house stays naturally cooler. Let’s take a look at some numbers from one of my installs — a house with a south facing roof.




Solar has so many aspects before and especially after you’ve purchased. Those who have chosen to put solar on their home have so many more options than those who have not yet. This publication is intended to help advise those homeowners through that information. #Solar #Power

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EJ Thornton

EJ Thornton

EJ Thornton is an author, and a book publisher who is also a champion of the environment. Her books are both spiritual and practical in nature — lots of fun!

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