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Hello and how are you today? Today, I’ve got some great news on how you can earn daily dividends via crowdfunding from my company, Solar Storm Studio. What exactly am I referring to? Please continue reading…

A few months ago I upgraded my little studio to an actual company and I also got some other people on board to provide ongoing content for the website.

This upgrade to “company” status now allows us to place Solar Storm Studio on various online trading platforms.

One of the smaller online trading platforms that we’re using is called Fast2Earn — a platform that provides daily dividends to all investors.

What does this mean for you? This actually means that you can now start earning money from Solar Storm Studio.

crowdfunding with daily rewards

We launched a few days ago with an opening share price of $2.00 per share. People began purchasing the shares and it’s already over $4.00 (at the time of this writing).

By investing in web property shares, we’ve found this method to be far more beneficial to both the investor (you) and the web property.

Fast2Earn is a great way to support creators that you like via crowdfunding and also earn daily revenue from those creators at the same time.

Our goal is to continue adding content and driving more traffic to the Solar Storm Studio website — thereby raising its share price.

Please feel free to join us now while our share price is still relatively low. Some portfolios on Fast2Earn have shares that are worth over $1,000.00 per share — and that’s our intended goal.

Looking forward to your participation in this endeavor.

To begin, just follow these 2 steps:

1. Please click here to join now for free. You can begin investing immediately after registration:

2. Please click here to check out our rising stock portfolio:

Originally published at Solar Storm Studio.

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