$SOLAR is not just a DAO-token

Wilhelm Myrer
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3 min readMar 12


Something better than a blockchain?

SolarBankDAO was launched in 2022 to push the green shift, to create awareness around solar energy and when possible invest into real impact. Building more grid connected renewable solar energy production.

SolarBankDAO has now launched it’s first initiatives publicly, creating an initial fuzz and laying the grounds for roll out of the main disruptive solutions, developed behind locked doors..

The First Initiatives

  1. $SOLAR, the SolarBankDAO token was listed on Osmosis Frontier together with substantial LP rewards. We considered this a great way to distribute $SOLAR tokens during a bear market, creating liquidity, interest and opening up membership into the DAO for anyone in Cosmos. This has been working out great, even beyond expectations. As of Today there are several hundred LPers and DAO stakers of $SOLAR. Several hundred thousand US$ of $OSMO & $SOLAR has been provided in liquidity to the LP. Creating a valuable treasury for the DAO, a liquid $SOLAR token, and really enabling the next steps of development and solutions for all $SOLAR holders
  2. The #CyberSolarHero NFTs, launching on Stargaze.zone Today, the 12th March, further expanding awareness and reach of the SolarBank DAO and bringing in revenues for the first investments into solar production — a very important step towards the big play of SolarBank DAO
  3. The $WattPeak, a disruptive stable coin by SolarBankDAO. While #Solar is the membership token of SolarBank, equal to the governance token of a chain, accruing value with the growth of the DAO and its activities, the $WattPeak is something completely different:

$WattPeak, a currency revolution

$WattPeak is a crypto currency to be launched by SolarBankDAO. It is basically a stable coin in structure, but instead of being backed by something as extremely unstable as a Fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, it is backed by 1 Wp of stable Solar Power production capacity. In reality a huge and growing pool of such assets.

The $WattPeak and backing mechanism is being built by the SolarBank DAO. Generating an extremely interesting and scalable project. The $WattPeak token itself will be issued on the EmpowerChain (more to come on this, utility and tools!).

Summary: SolarBank DAO is,
1. Solar = the DAO token / membership/voting

2. $WattPeak, a crypto backed by 1 Wp, which means 1 $WP = 1 WP, always, and will be backed by an ever growing portfolio of solar energy production, practically being overcollateralised as long as the IRR of solar energy to lifetime ratio is beneficial, and at the moment it certainly is.

Check out SolarbankDAO on DAODAO on Juno.