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Claim your SolarCoin now…each day passing could be a lost reward.

SolarCoin has now implemented an accelerated policy for claiming SolarCoin. SolarCoin can be claimed for energy generated going back 5 years from the date of the initial claim filing. The earlier claiming and monetary policy allowed claims to originate from Jan 1, 2010. See proposal

This new policy means that anyone considering Claiming their SolarCoin should file a claim today as every single day without filing a claim means lost SolarCoin. The policy was implemented as recognition that the climate crisis is growing more severe and that many people were asking, “why claim now?”.

5% of the world’s solar facilities use the Sunny Portal and SMA inverters. Please follow this procedure to receive SolarCoin with a single click.

Screen shot from the Sunny Portal showing how to claim SolarCoin

Others wishing to get their SolarCoin should use this form.

SolarCoin is the world’s largest open renewable energy rewards program. It is distributed in 73 countries. The SolarCoin reward is given free in exchange for the proof of production of Solar energy at the rate of 1 SolarCoin per 1 MegaWatt hour. SolarCoin is traded on exchanges globally 24/7.



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