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Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art, fashion and activism that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there?” The aesthetics of solarpunk merge the practical with the beautiful, the well-designed with the green and wild, the bright and colorful with the earthy and solid. Solarpunk can be utopian, just optimistic, or concerned with the struggles en route to a better world — but never dystopian. As our world roils with calamity, we need solutions, not warnings. Solutions to live comfortably without fossil fuels, to equitably manage scarcity and share abundance, to be kinder to each other and to the planet we share. At once a vision of the future, a thoughtful provocation, and an achievable lifestyle.

In progress…

We have received DMs from quite a few people who wanted to get into solarpunk but didn’t find it very accessible after looking at the results of the google search.

The links below are an attempt to open up the optics of the solarpunk community for newcomers and others looking for references . A lot of the early discussions happened on tumblr from 2014 onward after Miss Olivia Louise’s character concept post took off — with a core community of stewards who know who they are.

What follows is not meant to be an exhaustive list but hopefully will increasingly become one. We’re also aware that we are missing almost all of the art references from this list. :(

We included our first post from 2012 at

Please get in touch with art references as a lot of content has lost their attribution — Jay


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From Steampunk to Solarpunk

“A major difference between solarpunk and steampunk is that solarpunk ideas, and solarpunk technologies, need not remain imaginary, and I indulge a hope of someday living in a solarpunk world.”

French solar blimp

*FRENCH KIDS IN engineering school. Man, that gobboon is just the solarpunk awesomest.” — Bruce Sterling


Figuring out “Solarpunk”?

“So I’ve had an idea (not an original one of course, but one that hasn’t had a lot of use) that I think has lots of mileage; solarpunk.”

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

“no doubt, the embryonic seeds of solarpunk are being planted.”


Antologia SOLARPUNK Guidelines (Brazil)

Depois da Vaporpunk (2010) e da Dieselpunk (2011), 2012 será o ano da Solarpunk !Ao contrário das duas antologias punks anteriores, na Solarpunk não julgamos necessário enfatizaro elemento “punk”. O “solar” agora parece mais importante.



“a Brazilian anthology of solarpunk literature whose opening lines were roughly translated in an Australian article in 2014. “Now imagine large space sailboats driven by solar radiation, production of biofuels via nanotechnology, the advent of photosynthetic humans, and, as there is no perfect society, even terrorism against corrupt businesses and governments. Welcome to the bright green world of solarpunk.” — The New Utopians

Lego Solarpunk

“Welcome to a world run by solar energy.”

Todo In Portland: Weird Shit Con 2012

“weirdos / Solarpunk / robots / machine vision / technologies disruptive to society and government”

On the Need for New Futures

“We are starved for visions of the future that will sustain us, and give us something to hope for, ideas of life beyond the rusted chrome of yestermorrow or nightmare realms of radiated men eating the flesh of other radiated men.”

Low-Power/No-Power #LoNo Computing (PDF)

The Analog vs. The Digital

“The term for Reid’s proposal, above, (and the title of the essay it comes from) is “Solarpunk.” I’m not sure it represents any real revolutionary shift, nothing of a movement yet, but it does provide a valuable new perspective, a paradigm and a vocabulary through which to describe one possible future.”



“BCN SOLARPUNK || ART SCIENCE & IMAGINATION is an interdisciplinary laboratory for experimentation and discussion about the artistic, political, social, economic, ecological, technological and geopolitical changes.”


Here’s a thing I’ve had around in my head for a while!

“Aesthetically my vision of solarpunk is very similar to steampunk, but with electronic technology, and an Art Nouveau veneer.”

Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto

“We’re solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair.”

#solarpunk for socialists

#solarpunk for socialists #fusionpunk for fascists#infrastructure #politics

what the heck is solar punk?

I love the idea of Solarpunk planners and designers and architects keeping in mind as a real priority making their spaces deliberately pleasant, comfortable and helpful for people with disabilities

A Users Manual For A Post-nihilist Praxis

An ecologistics capable of producing an infrastructural politics;the deployment of a less naively optimistic (dark) solarpunk libertarian technics; the speculative prospect of transpessimism; the rediscovery and elevation of an ethic of care that might become a generalised Buen Vivir; the active production of autonomous subjectivations that exist outside the constrictions of psychological orthodoxies; and the transcorporeal sapience of machinic coexistence.

Near-future Scenarios for Humans and Planet Earth

I discovered a young sub-genre that is reaching for a more positive, sustainable, and realistic view of humanity’s near-future.


In this nascent stage, solarpunk appears as a loose collection of ideologies, manifestos, and desires for a sustainable, achievable future.

What is Solarpunk?

Whether its post apocalyptic or a smooth transition through energy decent, the imagined future is positive and happy. I imagine this future as having resolved any racism, sexism or religious bias. So solarpunk culture would include all races, religions, sex’s, including those with disabilities.

Solarpunk: a new movement sees the future in a positive light

“IMAGINE A SUSTAINABLE world, driven by clean and renewable energy. Now imagine large space sailboats driven by solar radiation, production of biofuels via nanotechnology, the advent of photosynthetic humans, and, as there is no perfect society, even terrorism against corrupt businesses and governments. Welcome to the bright green world of solarpunk.”

[Review] Solarpunk (Portuguese)

“instead of retrofuturism, the theme turns completely to the future. Not an alternative future, but a possible future.”


There are several forms of expression of the Solarpunk movement, as in architecture, in which stained glass, solar panels and vegetable coverings take hold, as well as in fashion and literature, with reference in Art Nouveau.


7 reasons why solarpunk is the most important speculative fiction movement in the last 20 years

“1 . It’s hopeful. Solarpunk doesn’t require an apocalypse. It’s a world in which humans haven’t destroyed ourselves and our environment, where we’ve pulled back just in time to stop the slow destruction of our planet. We’ve learned to use science wisely, for the betterment of ourselves and our planet. We’re no longer overlords. We’re caretakers. We’re gardeners.”

Interview with Adam Flynn on Solarpunk

I don’t think anyone “owns” solarpunk, but I certainly feel like one of its stewards. As to whether it’s a ‘movement,’ I think it definitely has the potential to be one, but I think we’re another year out from it really being there.


TAKE the POLL! What do YOU think should be done with the domains and Magazine? Bulletin board? Sandbox?

Why Solarpunk?

“we need more artists, more writers, more innovators to envision how and where and with what do we transition this world of ours into positive realism, as first coined on the tumbler group.”

DIY Solar Sail Boat. Solar Punk style

“I got this idea for a boat…”

Solarpunk wants to save the world

A sunny disposition: The “solar” in Solarpunk is both a description and metaphor for the movement’s commitment to a utopia that is accessible to every human on earth, as well as to all of our planet’s lifeforms. No single business can capture and privatize sunlight to hoard it for itself or sell it at a cost. It’s one of the only universally accessible goods.

Interview Part 1: Sheryl Kaleo on the New Sub-Genre Solarpunk

“Solarpunk music. The best I can imagine would be something earthy and symphonic with nature sounds incorporated and just a touch of techno.”

Interview Part 2: Alia Gee on the New Sub-Genre Solarpunk


The New Utopians

Kim Stanley Robinson and the novelists who want to build a better future through science fiction.

SolarPunk Wikia

Solarpunk wika created

Acute​/​Obtuse by Solarpunk

We’re solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair. -Adam Flynn

IGNITE Boston, NDoCH 2015: Matt Cloyd

“We can be part of it right now: But we have SO much work to do

ENL Solarpunk and Eco-Futurism

“In August 2014, Miss Olivia Louise wrote a Tumblr post proposing the creation
of a new subgenre: solarpunk. Solarpunk, sometimes called eco-futurism, would be set in a semi-utopian future visually influenced by Art Nouveau and Hayao Miyazaki, and built according to principles of new urbanism and environmental sustainability — an “earthy” handmade version of futuretech, in opposition to the slick, white, spacebound surfaces of 1980s futurism.“


“pretty much embodies the idea that while the future might be an overwhelming prospect, it doesn’t have to be frightening, and it doesn’t have to hurt.”


Have you heard of Solarpunk? It’s a futuristic subculture that looks forwards to a bright, shiny world. But where most future time-lines rely on technology and invention to bring…

On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk

You’ve heard of the hacker slogan “move fast and break things”? Solarpunk should move quietly and plant things.

Solarpunk Speech

“Where humans live in balance with their environment “

Solarpunk Resources (PDF)

This sci-fi enthusiast wants to make “solarpunk” happen

In short, solarpunk is a reaction to climate change, inequality, and our cultural obsession with dystopian futures.

Solarpunk, the LGBT Community, and the Importance of Imagining Positive Futures

“And what’s extra cool? Is that solarpunk is a movement as much as it is a genre: it’s not just about the stories, it’s also about how we can get there. One thing that falls naturally from solarpunk’s premise is diversity. The community frequently talks about how to honor and integrate different cultures without appropriating them, and there’s a growing watchfulness for ways to create accessible environment.”


“Last summer at the Clarion Writers’ Workshop, someone asked our classmate from Singapore to describe what it was like where he was from. He raved about the amazing biodomes, and having never heard of such a thing, I did an image search on my phone.”

How to make a Solarpunk Story

“Animatic for my storyboarding class I had a lot of fun with it and went a little overboard since I like the subject so much”

Solarpunk Ham Radio Club

In 2016 a disaster response network of trained radio users sporting an ideal budget of $0 per person was born.


“read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy and watch Miyazaki movies.”

You Care About The Environment, But Are You Ready To Punk It? Solarpunk!

“Solarpunk has the potential to nestle within dystopian settings as well as supplant them. The stories solarpunk tells will still be human stories, perhaps all the more human for the acknowledgement of how connected to the environment we are, how dependent on it for our survival.”


Many of us feel it’s unethical to bring children into a world like ours.

The Lion and the Lamb

“A standalone science fiction short story. The shepherd of the future tends, not to sheep, but to small mobile photovoltaic cells. But when poachers threaten his livelihood, will he be able to see them off with nothing but his wits?”

Here come the solarpunks

“There’s no single right way to do solarpunk. Instead, diverse communities from around the world adopt the name, ideas, or both, and build little nests of self-sustaining revolution.”

LE FUTUR C’EST MAINTENANT : Le Solar Punk, qu’est ce que c’est ? (French)

Wings of Renewal: A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology

The future is vibrant, hopeful, and filled with dragons. In WINGS OF RENEWAL, twenty-two authors explore the exciting new subgenre of solarpunk through the lens of these majestic creatures


The “punk” in solarpunk is about rebellion, counterculture, countereconomics, enthusiasm, and individuality. It’s about going in a different direction than the mainstream, that’s increasingly going in a scary direction. A counterculture and economics that values individual choice, freedom, decentralization, self-direction, love and hope — qualities missing in mainstream culture. It’s about creating a safe space for free expression, creativity, to “punk out” and express your unique and true self.

No (bright) future for me: Solarpunk is not the new Cyberpunk

“I say we, cyberpunk fans, are not tired of pessimism and nihilism, we are just tired of the same old and bad stories. Namely the bullshit.”

Solarpunk Press begins posting regular fiction in text and audio formats until Nov 2016:

Solarpunk | sufficientvelocity — Thread Began

“They’re ‘solarpunks’ because optimism has been taken away from them and they’re trying to take it back. Remember that the sense of alienation in cyberpunk is not to do with the fictional world, but rather the fictional world is response to the real world. That’s exactly the case here.”


Storytellers are conduits. We map the world in our heads, condense it into parables, and then share it with our audience. We are the ones who told villagers not to fear the lightning gods, that if we were careful and quiet, we would be safe. We are the ones who warned children from the night.

Solarpunks and Farmhacks

Looking for a bright future? Try Solarpunk

Solarpunk: The Emerging Aesthetic Of Mid Wales

“as the name suggests, a built environment cunningly adapted for solar gain amongst other arrangements and technologies to promote self sufficiency and living within natural limits.”

The Environment, Distopias, and Energy: What is Solarpunk?

“Solarpunk could make valuable contributions to the literary, social and political scenes. While the genre is still in its infancy, as it matures, it could point the way towards a more sustainable future.”

“Solarpunk” Wants Science Fiction To Return The Optimism (German)

“Solarpunk wants to counter the scenarios of a dying earth, an insuperable gap between rich and poor, and a society controlled by corporations. Not in hundreds of years, but within reach.”

Dystopias, superheroes and solar punk. (German)

“There is something new: Solarpunk . And I’ve been thinking about it this morning”

Solarpunk — A New Future
You’d be hard pressed to find a novel set in this genres. The only known book is an anthology of short stories from Brazil. However, there’s a tumblr blog devoted to the topic and a quick google search yields a plentiful harvest of sunny, green images and hopeful blog posts.


Solarpunk — harvinainen teema pelialalla (Finnish)

Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Second year students design a 2D game. We explored what it means for the games Solar Punk theme.

Utopias / 2. Solarpunks (Portuguese)

“Solarpunks can be considered the new blood of futurology, even without attending training courses in this academic discipline. His ability to envisage possible or desirable futures is enormous, especially in a more sustainable world without denying advances in science and technology. Still, some of his references are Art Nouveau. So there are those who want to pack them as retrofuturists.”

What is Solarpunk?

“it seems that solarpunk is a solution for modern day economic and environmental injustice. While Adam calls this genre tech-based, the Tumblr crowd also includes a lot of concept ideas for fashion, architecture, and engineering, which fuse art and science with the natural world.”

Sieudiver — Solarpunk City

“Artist: Sieudiver
Album: The Great Escape
Released: 2016”

Solarpunk — a SFFWorld Topic

“A big welcome to:

Adam Flynn, Andrew Dana Hudson, Claudie Arseneault, Faith Roses Gregory, KD Hume, Mary Woodbury, T.X. Watson”

Cyberpunk y otro punks (Spanish)

“Repaso sobre los origenes del cyberpunk, sus derivaciones steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, biopunk o ribofunk y la nueva tendencia: solarpunk.

Charla expuesta el 21 de mayo de 2016 en la Bibliote Benjamin Franklin del Centro de Relaciones Culturales, Monterrey N.L. México”

The Dialectic of Freedom and Justice in Liberatory Social Movements — A few Thoughts

“There’s always a dialectical relationship between the concepts of freedom and justice.”

“I believe solarpunk could be a valid and innovative theme in science fiction”

“Four years ago, after two anthologies about Vaporpunk (2010) and Dieselpunk (2011), you decided to publish a sunny sci-fi anthology christening it not Greenpunk but Solarpunk. “

My Blanket Critique of Solarpunk Writing.

“The answer is for solarpunk writers to be a little less ambitious and tell their stories focusing on a small area of what they want to say, rather than give a rip roaring adventure of wonderment and compassion for the environment and hundreds of other things that are all desperately trying to be conveyed.”

From Cyberpunk to a Post-Scarcity Solarpunk

You may have heard about the different shades of the environmental movement — light green, bright green, deep green, dark green — which all take different tones and tactics in addressing our global challenges, particularly climate change. But they all are still operating within the assumption that our scarcity-based economic system, not just capitalism but monetary exchange itself, is a given.

Viral Airwaves — Review

Fox takes a look at a solarpunk science fiction romp with Claudie Arseneault’s “Viral Airwaves”.

Interview with the Editors of Sunvault: Phoebe Wagner and Bronte Wieland

“What is solarpunk? If you — like I had no idea, even just six months ago — have no idea than this interview may be for you”

Destroying Nature Is Destroying Life: An Environmental Advocacy Group’s Campaign Sparks Conversations

“Humankind’s link comes armed with chainsaws and maniacal grins, while playing host to visions of chowing down on processed snack foods as we gun our V-8 — powered SUVs down carved out logging roads into decimated old-growth forests.”

The Politics of Science Fiction: Kim Stanley Robinson and the Rise of Solarpunk

“To understand why solarpunk is gaining traction as a science fiction sub-genre, it is essential to recognize the historical influence politics and science fiction have had on each other”


“Write a story, poem, script, or vignette inspired by the theme solarpunk (also known as optimistic sci-fi)”

Solarpunk- Welcome to the club

The hard part will not be creating solarpunk artwork, games, novels, comics, even from a cursory examination of the community it’s absolutely raring to go with ideas and projects and support. The trick is in creating a popular and sustainable genre, one as sustainable as the technologies that it speculates over.

Futurismo CyberPunk — Bio/Nano/Solar/PostCyberPunk (Portuguese)

“Um pequeno vídeo sobre os derivados futuristas do CyberPunk.”

Kommt nach dem Minimalismus jetzt der Solarpunk? (German)

“Post-Peak-Oil / Zero City-Society is mixed with a less, because we have learned that we do not need so much and that we are only struggling, a bit of Internet-of-Things stuff and a neat portion of DIY. A little less. But better. Decelerated. Still cool.”

Solarpunk is the future (Blackhole 6000 air heater)

In Central Europe, the sun does not shine so warm and often, as in more southern climes, but the amount of energy that can be gained from it is not to be despised.

What is Solarpunk?

“Solarpunk is a Revolt of Hope Against Despair: Solarpunk is a rebellion against the structural pessimism in our late visions of how the future will be.”

Who Counts as a Futurist? Whose Future Counts?

“Fast forward to our time again, there are still widely different versions of “futurism” and not all of them are a capitalist protectorate”

Antithesis Comic (Spain)

“On Hevel, humans have evolved through natural selection and live according to the laws of the ecosystem, in close contact with nature and totally immersed in it. Qayin on the other hand, humans live in a ‘unique, huge metropolis, surrounded by concrete, metal and rocks.”

Kickstarter :: Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation

“There are various communities online that are imagining and building solarpunk as an idea and an aesthetic, but as a literary movement, it is as yet largely undefined. That’s where you come in. Sunvault is the SF community’s opportunity to define the solarpunk genre. “

Solarpunk in Trump’s America: T.X. Watson’s vlog-shaped thing, episode 016

All of my (writing | vlogging) about activism comes from a solarpunk perspective, but this is the first time I’ve really talked about it here from that frame of reference.

Daily Post: Solarpunk

“Solarpunk is an aesthetic inspired by Art Nouveau, a literary genre, and a social movement. At its core it is a vision of a future that embodies the best of what humanity can achieve: a post-scarcity, post-hierarchy world where humanity and nature co-exist, and clean energy replaces fossil fuels.”


“On one side, you have the emphasis of a dystopian setting which consists of underground body modifications, computer hacking, runaway artificial intelligence, robot rebellions, and evil megacorporations. Whereas on the other side, you have a more utopian setting. One which consists of unity, green technogaian landscapes, the proliferation of beneficial technologies, and the end of a pro-capitalist, top-down hierarchy”

Star Trek and Solarpunk

These are people who look to the last solid decade of apocalypse, and tell it to go to Hell. These are people who dream of a brighter future — a future of decentralized solar cells, of mighty windjammers built from the husks of oil tankers, of curling green cities and the gastronomical delight of all the undiscovered sea vegetables which will grace our plates.

Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction

Adam Flynn and Andrew Dana Hudson short story “Sunshine State”

The World’s Awful, Let’s Have More Solarpunk Games

The genre imagines smaller post-scarcity societies. Communities driven by renewable energy sources and the latest advancements in ecological technologies as they exist today.

Hope in the Dark

I recently learned something about hope from Bayla, a student in the Teen Beit Midrash where I teach. She taught this year’s cohort about Solarpunk

Solarpunk As F*ck — Zine begins

“Solarpunk as F*ck is full of solarpunk thoughts, theories, and possibilities. INSTIGATE focuses on basic solarpunk concepts.”


Prof. Stephanie LeMenager | What is Cli-Fi? || Radcliffe Institute

Solarpunk is another relatively young movement that’s very positive and has a lot of focus on technological solutions at the local level. I associate that with youth maker culture, looking at kind of local solutions, local energy grids, ways of creating autonomous functioning systems of the larger structures of society break down. Climate fiction to me is about loving the world, and not being afraid to continue to love the world, even in a moment of mass extinction.”

can i get a rundown on what solarpunk is?

a ton of detailed and nuanced development of the ideas in solarpunk on Tumblr, which some of us have recently noticed are less accessible to newcomers than we might have assumed, which is something we need to work on…

Can the Solarpunk Movement Give Us the Sexual Utopia We’ve Been Waiting For?

In its heart, solarpunk is not just in the idea of an eco-friendly heaven-on-earth. It’s the idea of humanity achieving a social evolution that embraces tolerance, compassion, acceptance.

Understanding Solarpunk 101 — When Solar Meets Decentralisation Technologies

Upon discovering this genre a year ago through the Ethereum subreddit, it lit up some lightbulbs in my mind. I’ve seen patchworks of Solarpunk reflected in many different projects all around the planet.


Kaye Freeman 1963 — b. Hong Kong Lives and works in Los Angeles

OBSOLETE! #10: The SolarPunk Issue is HERE!

The OBSOLETE! zine has reached a new level with 48 pages of fiction, interviews, essays and artwork. SolarPunk, the latest movement in science fiction, brings together the ideas of eco-anarchism and post-dystopianism and recognizes science fiction as not just entertainment but a form of activism. Check it out!!

Solarpunk — Antecedentes (Spanish)

“Since the spring of last year we have addressed the subject of this subgenre of science fiction and after presenting the Notes Toward a Solarpunk Manifesto, we want to continue with its analysis from the literary point of view beginning by mentioning its roots that go back to the Utopian visions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”


Not a dystopian hellscape nor an escapist fantasy, solarpunk looks to create possible worlds where humankind has achieved harmony with the world we all live in and depend on.

Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories

  • In the solarpunk future, will robots have rights, too?
  • When your health is closely monitored during a pregnancy, who gets to decide if bicycling is healthy or dangerous for your unborn child?
  • How do you survive the day to day in a community where you have zero freedoms, including freedom of movement?
  • When your agrarian society relies on bikes and now you’re at war with the city where the factory is, how do you replace your broken spoke?

Cafe Mural: Olalekan Jeyifous

“Seeped in the eco-political ideology and activism of “solarpunk,” Jeyifous creates large-scale digital renderings that translate the existing architectural language of neighborhoods into colossal vertical settlements.”

Major Cities of Novorossitov — Max Barry

“The biggest city in Novorossitov at over 11,000,000 people, Nova Moskva has a rich history and culture, a multi-ethnic status, albeit with extreme Russian undertones, a great nightlife, a “solarpunk” feel, the status of a “World Prestige & Power City,” the city has everything. Nova Moskva exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment upon not only Novorossitov but the entire world!”

Future Trends — Solar Punks and Zero Waste

“Brooklyn is known the world over for things small-batch and local, like designer clogs, craft bourbon and artisanal sauerkraut. Now, it is trying to add electricity to the list.”

Ciencia ficción y postcapitalismo (Spanish)

“So far Solarpunk has been a collection of deserted sets of stories that no one started writing”

Submissions: Helios Quarterly Magazine June Issue

“Stories, poems, and nonfiction narratives within the cyberpunk, solarpunk, dieselpunk, [insert]punk realm”

Wilders (Project Earth)

“Wilders is a fantastic voyage into a beautifully intricate solarpunk future. Cooper’s work is philosophically and psychologically relevant. Throughout Wilders, she gracefully examines the tensions between emerging technologies, human nature, and our ecosystem.”

The Eleveth Upgrade Announcement

“The Eleventh Upgrade: A Dystopian Solarpunk Adventure”

Resenha: “Sol no Coração” de Roberta Spindler (portuguese)

In tribute to the purchase of copyrights of the collection Solarpunk for a North American publisher, here is the review of the story that I liked the most. Roberta Spindler presents us with a world where love can stand against the dictates of the world.

EVENT: The Massachusetts Poetry Festival 2017 | Solarpunk Serenades

“Solarpunk, the optimistic, eco-conscious, sci-fi of the near future, is a great fit for the imagination and whimsy of a poet. We’ll look at some examples of poems old and new that reflect the solarpunk ideals, and experiment with writing prompts. Bring your futurist dreams of conversing with whales, living in a treehouse, and using solar sails to reach Mars to this workshop.”


“Fictions called Cli Fi are remarkably diverse, ranging from psychological Realism to science fiction to newer genres attempting to stand apart from Cli Fi, such as Solarpunk.”


Reason: “solarpunk” is not notable enough.

Brins d’Éternité n ° 46 (French)

“Solarpunk is a sub-genre unknown to science fiction. Pierre-Alexandre Bonin made the subject of the first appearance of the heading “The Cabinet of Doctor Bonin”

Solarpunk — Interview with Adam Flynn (Spanish)

“I never expected that people I never knew would be debating the ideas I thought would be fun to help popularize, but they are there, in some somewhat surprising accommodation: disabled activists, political theorists and teenage cartoonists.”

Algo-de-sol (Spanish)

“Solar Punk is that cry that combines the critique of modern society with an environmentalist tint.”


World Weaver Press has acquired the rights to publish an English translation of the science fiction anthology Solarpunk — Histórias Ecológicas e Fantásticas em um Mundo Sustentável, originally published in 2012 by Editora Draco in São Paulo, Brazil.

Solarpunks interviewed: Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

It seems a great time to publish it again as the Brazilian anthology “Solarpunk — Histórias Ecológicas e Fantásticas em um Mundo Sustentável“, which played a massive role in getting the Solarpunk movement off the ground in 2012, is about to be translated from Portuguese and published in English by World Weaver Press. I for one can’t wait to get into it!


Imagine a sustainable world, driven by clean and renewable energies, less aggressive to the environment. Now imagine humanity under the impact of these changes. This is the proposal of “Solarpunk — Ecological and fantastic stories in a sustainable world”

Future Alternative Past: hope for the ecospec-future

I put in Proulx’s hand something she was in no position to offer me: hope. Specifically, I gave her a postcard for an anthology called Sunvault, a book of “solarpunk” stories postulating a future in which we overcome our species’ doom. Solarpunk, aka “ecospec,” aka “cli-fi,” is a subgenre of SFFH confronting the looming threats of melting ice caps, rapidly rising oceans, monster storms, and the thousand other slings and arrows of climatic

F iction C limática & S olarpunk in Sesc S ant (Portuguese)

The reading in the boarding lounge and also during the 52-minute flight was the anthology Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias (Tor Books, 1994), organized by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Outside the Pale Blue Dot (Beyond the Planet Earth) — Curaj.TV

Connections form beyond time and space, between Gagarin’s tree and the sequoia of E.T., Hitchcock, and Chris Marker, in the very moment when the progressive, solarpunk vision of the October Revolution seemed to have been completely eclipsed, shipwrecked far from home.

s o l a r p u n k mixtape

This mixtape is an attempt to create the soundtrack to a fabulated solarpunk city in a (hopefully not too) distant future, featuring minimal, ambient, techno and vaporwave music that embraces the tropes of eco-futurism and evokes the utopian imagery of a better tomorrow.


It is a genre that seeks to respond to the overwhelming surplus of dystopian literature in today’s literary market by presenting readers with an alternative: a future wherein society as we know it has dissolved, yes, but dissolved by dropping its “Man versus Nature” modus operandi and adopted “Man with Nature,” instead.

Genre Focus: SolarPunk

A cohesion between mankind and nature is a paramount and enforced quality of SolarPunk.

Solarpunk is doing great 😎

The price for the solar kilowatt / hour falls below half of the gas power plants . Everything will be fine, Solarpunk will save us all.

Wings of Renewal Book Review pts 1/2/3

The first time I ever heard the term solarpunk was in the call for submissions for the Wings of Renewal “solarpunk dragons” anthology. I’ve already blogged about how solarpunk gave a name to something I was already deeply craving in my science fiction, and the darker the world gets, the brighter I want my fiction to be — both what I write and what I read. I tried my hand at a solarpunk dragon story for this anthology, but the Wings of Renewal editors politely (and rightfully) declined it. I bought the anthology when it was first released, but it’s taken me a while to actually read it,

Solarpunk between fiction and reality

Ecological Speculation

Hopeful and Bright

Culturally Diverse

Local Communities

Human-Centered Technology


my latest obsession is solarpunk dreamscapes. I’m currently painting a series of solarpunk cities in acrylic on 4×7 canvasses

Cli-Fi in American Studies: A Research Bibliography

Over the last two decades, the global landscape of cultural production has been teeming with a cornucopia of fictional texts, in print, in live performance, and on the screen, engaging with the local and global impact of advanced human-induced climate change.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Urban Visionary

Studying his proposed city “The Key” on Ellis Island with its huge domes, moving sidewalks, and suspension cables, you realize this was solarpunk before cyberpunk even existed

2017 sfra program June 20 (PDF)

Session 24: Energy Futures of the Anthropocene

Rhys Williams Glasgow University , “Solarpunks or Sunken Poles: Visions of Alternative Energy Futures”

Explainer: ‘solarpunk’, or how to be an optimistic radical

Solarpunk’s optimism towards the future is the first concept that needs complicating here. Along with the original punks, there is a wide body of scholarship that critiques positive thinking. Feminists like Barbara Ehrenreich and Sara Ahmed, for instance, trace links between the capitalist establishment and happiness. They suggest that future-centred optimism serves the very system raged against by most punks of old.

You’ve Got To Throw Your Zombies On The Gears!

Solarpunk is broken. It’s going to take some weird lateral moves to fix it, and one strange Steampunk strategy might offer a solution.

Steampunk and Solarpunk: The Future Looks Familiar

“Solarpunk also conflates modern technology with older technology, but with a vital difference. In the case of steampunk, the focus on Victorian technology serves as a guideline for imagining an alternative world. In the case of solarpunk, the interest in older technologies is driven by modern world economics:

Ireland needs Solarpunk

However I’m not really trying to compare them as they are two very different projects that I think highlight the diversity of opportunities for solarpunk in Ireland.

‘Cli-fi’ has moved from a fringe concept to a marketable genre of modern ficiton

Meanwhile, there is only good news for fans of cli-fi and for academics studying the genre. Jennifer Hamilton put in this way: “In a fictional sense, solarpunk sits across the table from “cli-fi”. In recent years, the term cli-fi has moved from a fringe concept to a marketable genre of fiction. Coined in the first instance by a PR guy in Taiwan, it has grown so big that scholarly researchers are now able to produce studies of the genre’s conventions. In addition, new novels and short story collections are now published in this genre category each year.”

¿Solarpunk Mexicano? (Spanish)

Finally, one can be quite sure that the genre of Science Fiction in the category of “Solarpunk” and represented through the ninth art of the comic strip, is an authentic proof of the good health of the current Mexican literature and contributes much more than narrations

Interview with World Weaver Press’s Sarena Ulibarri on their Solarpunk Kickstarter

Solarpunk Anthology Translation Kickstarter

The first English translation of a groundbreaking Brazilian anthology of science fiction stories set in sustainable future worlds.

Dos nuevas antologías de Solarpunk (Spanish)

El solarpunk es un subgénero de la ciencia ficción que, pese a que sus raíces podemos encontrarlas a finales del s.

Hack Monuments: The Methods of -punk

For Steampunk, Solarpunk, and Cyberpunk, aesthetic and meaning go hand in hand. In an age of extinction and resurgent fascism, -punk has a choice: hack that meaning, or become a passive monument for others to fight over.

500 Words

Following the publication of my novel, Daughter of Atlas, I’ve started working on a new project. It is a solarpunk novella for a shared world anthology, with a couple friends. I have been working on it pretty consistently, and I feel pretty good about it.

何为Solarpunk (Chinese)

Although it is very optimistic, but the future picture of the sun punk and the current political system or the ecosystem is not suited. [Auto Translate]


Solarpunk is a relatively new eco-futurist, mixed genre speculative movement and subgenre focused on envisioning a positive future beyond scarcity and hierarchy, in which humanity is reintegrated with nature, and technology is used for human-centric and ecocentric purposes

Remember Cyberpunk? Now “Solarpunk” brings optimism…and viable alternatives

A current movement of SF writers want to put a name to a quite different set of impulses — rooted in how we might respond energetically, optimistically, and inventively to climate change. They’re calling it solarpunk

Q&A with the Editors of Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation

There’s plenty to love about Sunvault, from the introductory notes on the genre of Solarpunk (for new readers like me) to the stories and poems (of course!).

All Hail Solarpunk

“Solarpunk is a genre that says both here’s what our future needs to look like and here’s how we can get there,” according to author Claudie Arseneault.


The Israeli-born Zer-Aviv told us about a new movement, #SolarPunk, which began in Brazil. The focus is on the possibilities for a sustainable future society. It is a movement that assesses possibilities and answers through artistic and activist approaches.

Scream like Goku in front of City Hall and Demand Utopia

“Take a break from the dystopic Sept 10 counter protests to go full Super Saiyan in the name of our glorious solarpunk ecotopia which is totally possible for us to manifest, if only we scream loud enough

This is not a weeaboo friendly event.”

Although it is very optimistic, but the future picture of the sun punk and the current political system or the ecosystem is not suited.

“Solarpunks or Sunken Poles: Visions of Alternative Energy Futures”

Rhys Williams, Lecture At London Science Fiction Research Community Conference 2017(#LSFRC17) — Photo: jay

Rhys Williams, Lecture At London Science Fiction Research Community Conference 2017(#LSFRC17)

Solarpunk. A better future is possible

More than anything, despair and cynicism need to be avoided, because they kill dreams and hope.

Wednesday Cafe: Mirror Cities Edition!

Solarpunk, the Hufflepuff of ‘punks, is a mini-genre of speculative fiction that focuses on an eco-friendly utopian future — lush green cityscapes, sustainable technology, diverse fashion and architecture, and an essentially hopeful view of humanity’s impact on the world. I love bleak cyberpunk dystopias as much as the next girl, but this EPCOT-like vision of sustainable city life is both optimistic and attainable.

Explore Solarpunk SciFi with Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation

I first heard of Solarpunk when reviewing Fiyah Lit Mag #1 about a year ago. This melding of science fiction with eco-speculative fiction, mixed up with the Fight the Man sensibility of any -punk genre is 100% on time for our current political moment.

Grand Announcement

It hasn’t become an annual award for socialist speculative fiction. I feel that even in a richly crowded landscape of literary honors, there is the space and the need for such a thing. Or for hopepunk, or solarpunk, or for “SFF with radical democratic themes, promoting social and economic justice, and celebrating not just individual freedom, but also collective freedom” (me in an Interzone editorial). But as of now, life is taking over, and there are no firm plans.

New Series: Solarpunk and the Aesthetics of Optimism

Not only is solarpunk supposed to inspire real activism and practical solutions to environmental and social problems, its proponents are also, at this stage, highly activist about this nascent subgenre. There is even a manifesto for it. So although it is a literary and artistic tendency first and foremost, many of the authors we’ll be encountering in this new series inject far loftier ambitions. While this seems appropriate given the defiant can-do-it attitude of solarpunk, it also generates a set of interesting questions:

Solarpunk: A Link-and-Learn

An emerging subgenre of speculative fiction, characterised by revolutionary politics, green technology and an optimistic, natural aesthetic.


Jeyifous’ Shanty mega-structures Project re-imagines Lagos in a not-too-distant future by juxtaposing sites of much coveted real-estate with colossal vertical settlements rendered in the constructive and material language of the informal settlements that exist at the city’s peripheries.

Dancing Star Press — Submissions
Dancing Star Press is seeking submissions of speculative fiction novellas.


Olvídate por un momento del cambio climático. Olvídate de la sobreproducción de productos, de la distribución injusta de alimentos, de los fósiles y del plástico. Olvídate de lo que no va bien, e imagínate en su lugar un mundo que funciona a base de energías renovables y que coopera con la naturaleza. Imagina una sociedad autosuficiente, comunitaria e inclusiva, personas que tengan las manos manchadas de tierra en vez de sangre.

Promising energy storage technologies for our renewable future

On Ars Technica, Megan Geuss rounds up some exciting power-storage technologies, some in widespread use, some still under development. I was familiar with some of these, like pumped storage, but others, like the clever use of ice as a storage medium to offset cooling costs in places with cold nights and hot days (like southern California, where I live) were new to me.

Solarpunk: The future of ecological architecture
But visions very rarely lend themselves to practical action today, and the aspiring solarpunk internet dweller who happens not to be a billionaire philanthropist, ground-breaking energy developer or renowned architect might find themselves at a loss for what to do.

re:connecting Europe 2017 — The Political Tragedy of Data-Driven-Determinism

Polls and predictions could not foresee the wide appeal of voting for Brexit, for Trump, against the predictions, against the future that was set in the numbers. As worrisome as these phenomenons may be, we can see some hope in this turn against data-driven-determinism. How could we seize this call to action to reignite our political imagination and reclaim the future?

Book Review — Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation

I feel that the only complaint I can have about this book is that it has left me with a huge hunger for more Solarpunk stories which I know is going to be difficult to fill.

What Is Solarpunk?

Let’s talk about solarpunk and what it means.

Just ‘Topia:’ Moving Beyond The Tropes Of Dystopia

The world of the Broken Earth series is in ruin, damaged by catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes. But at one point in the history of this universe, society got close to reaching a “solarpunk” utopia. However, a holocaust, which loomed large over the society’s past, came back with a vengeance and festered like an untreated wound.

CFP: Punking Speculative Fiction

Deletion calls for 2,000-word “think pieces” on the concept of “punk” as it has been used (and abused) in speculative fiction subgenres.

Solarpunk | Il futuro è luminoso (Italian)

The genre sci-fi solarpunk was born as a literary movement from below in response to this gray and meaningless horizon, running on the edge of hashtag, on free platforms like,, and But we are not dealing only with a new literary genre, but with a real earthquake of the imaginary — as the sketch of a poster on Project Hieroglyph

DB2017 — Cam’s thoughts on solar punk

Cam’s thoughts on solar punk — Uploaded by the Desert Bus Video Strike Team

Terrassa Solarpunk

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow! Our most radical imagination is under siege: Terrassa Solarpunk is an audacious and experimental laboratory, which aims to stimulate the speculation applied to the Lisbon context

Terrassa Solarpunk Workshop

The Solarpunk can be understood as a movement of fictional speculation that tries to awaken and deepen the ecological sensitivity of the individual to, through it, expand into society, collaborating in the creation of a greater cultural and social awareness about problems that are certainly real: unbridled consumerism and the uncontrolled exploitation of the planet’s natural resources.

Storypunks Podcast #3: Solarpunk and Ecopunk With Author Elly Blue

This is Episode 3, and today I’m interviewing Elly Blue of feminist bicycle science fiction fame. I know! How awesome is this movement she’s created?!

Solarpunk: rebelling against pessimism
I came across a new word the other day: ‘solarpunk’.
It’s not new, but it’s new to me. So I’m hoping that you’ll indulge me while I ramble about it.

collaborators not consumers():

But…I don’t want users enjoying an experience. I want new friends helping us build a solarpunk future!


Solar panels provide the former and are a staple of the off-grid sustainability movement known as Solarpunks. To provide the latter, we can use wireless technologies.

What is solarpunk? Part 2

Solarpunk is just a good perspective for the world’s future

Dissents and Dispositions Conference of the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia (TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017 — Program PDF)

Daniel Hempel — “Solar Punk: Visions of a Sustainable Future”

Game Design Document : Solar Punk

The following information is a result of a week long design that took place during a Game Desing Master’s Course

Teaching our cities: Interdisciplinary Themes in Lower School: Envisioning A Sustainable Future

The overarching sustainability theme for our lower school is inspired by the “solar punk” movement, which envisions a sustainable future when the relationship between people and nature is restored, and technology serves people and planet.


Gardner Dozois Reviews Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation, edited by Phoebe Wagner & Brontë Christopher Wieland

I myself have been calling for less despair and nihilism in SF and more stories set in ‘‘a more optimistic future in a more just world’’


Welcome to solarpunk, a new genre within science fiction that is a reaction against the perceived pessimism of present-day sci-fi and hopes to bring optimistic stories about the future with the aim of encouraging people to change the present.

Solarpunk” la nueva tendencia en la cf (Spanish)

In this article we talk about the new trend in cf, the so-called “Solarpunk”. It is a reaction to the pessimistic vision that transmits most of the current CF and offers optimistic stories about the future to encourage people to change the present.

Solarpunk Magic Computer Club

Solarpunk Magic Computer Club is a calm, inclusive, nice-smelling time to work on computer projects, talk future dreams with others, explore esoteric ideas in tarot or tech, and generally just hang out.

A Note on the Soul of Solarpunk

I feel like Solarpunk also lacks focus. Aside from being eco-friendly solarpunk lacks any firm political alignment.

The solarpunk movement imagines a future bright, green and not at all dystopian (Greek)

Those who have linked science fiction with exclusively gloomy images will revise if they engage in the new kind of solarpunk


Breve monologo sobre el SOLARPUNK.


Graznidos y crascitares — Solarpunk y anuncios parroquiales

Partial graph of the #scuttlebutt social network

Partial graph of the #scuttlebutt social network, so far. A visualization by vtduncan

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