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Bitcoin Enticed Me Because Of Its Appeal As Decentralised Money

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Name: Afshin Heydarpour

Role: Blockchain Developer @ Freelancer

Location: Iran

Afshin is a software engineer from Iran, who acts as a spokesman for several blockchain events across his country. He’s also the advisor and developer for advanced technology companies in Germany.

I got acquainted with blockchain technology through Bitcoin. Bitcoin initially enticed me, because of its appeal as decentralised electronic money.

Being a programmer, I fell in love with the idea of decentralised contracts (smart contracts); that’s when I decided to focus on Ethereum & Solidity.

The biggest challenge with blockchain is getting started. We’ve become accustomed to a centralised way of thinking, i.e. technology, economy etc. Changing this mental state is a big challenge with blockchain adoption.

  • Copyright Contracts
  • Fraudulent Transactions
  • General Contractual Obligations

Blockchain technology is a relatively new technology; therefore, early adopters need to be patient. As well as that, it’s crucial to understand the processes blockchain technology goes through in terms of transactions.

Of course, you must be able to articulate the difference between centralised and decentralised technologies.

Wherever trust is a problem, blockchain solutions can be applied.



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