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Hyperledger Fabric Is The Most Promising Solution For Enterprise

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Name: Ali Alzubaidi

Role: Blockchain Developer (Freelance)

Location: Saudi Arabia

Ali is a blockchain developer with a strong background in Hyperledger. He is heavily involved in the Hyperledger community and is inspired by the philosophy behind the founding of Hyperledger.

It was in 2016. I was looking for a practical solution to distrusted processes. I’m mainly focusing on IoT and the relationship between different entities serving common goals.

I see blockchain as a potential solution wherever trust is an issue. However, that does not mean blockchain technology is the best solution.

Hence the question arises, do we need blockchain? There is a multitude of published decision trees that help to answer this question.

It’s essential for blockchain developers to understand the difference between traditional application and distributed applications. They must familiarise themselves with distributed computing content (particularly blockchain).

An obvious answer is scalability. The more a Smart Contract increases in complexity, the more challenging it becomes scalability wise.

Further, adopting a culture of Blockchain-Tech is challenging to grasp in the early stages. For instance, one would realise that the code upgradability is not as straightforward as it is in traditional applications.

As an infrastructure, I find Hyperledger Fabric the most promising and interesting one for an enterprise-level solution.



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