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I Came Across Blockchain When I Was Researching For Ways To Make IoT Devices More Secure

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Name: Ashis Kumar Pradhan

Role: Blockchain Developer @Varidus

Location: Ganjam, Orissa, India

Ashis is an undergraduate student from IIIT Bhubaneswar. He has been involved in the blockchain space for about a year and is using Solidity to build smart contracts. His next endeavour is to explore the domain of IPFS.

In the second year of my undergraduate studies is when I came across the blockchain. I was looking for ways to make IoT devices more secure, and in an article they mentioned IOTA which used the blockchain for this purpose.

I was fascinated by decentralised technologies.

Even though I had been aware of bitcoin for a while, I assumed that the blockchain and bitcoin were the same (early-stage rookie mistake).

My interest lies in implementing blockchain technology in these domains:

  • Finance
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO)
  • Decentralised Finance (Defi)
  • Asset Tokenisation

In the past, I have worked on projects related to decentralised crowdfunding. My current project is based on implementing a permissioned marketplace using Hyperledger Fabric and asset tokenisation.

  • Organisations — I think blockchain technology can bring more transparency and open governance with this technology.
  • Finance Sector — With the lightening network and stable coins, it’s possible to make a scalable payment system. Smart Contracts can automate financial transactions.

The biggest challenge for me was integrating a smart contract with a UI. It took me some time to get to grips with it. I found the official documentation more useful, so I recommend people to refer to this when at a crossroads.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t use blockchain technology everywhere. So have a thorough brainstorming session regarding the need to implement such technology.

My first recommendation is to go through the bitcoin whitepaper. Then, the yellow paper of ethereum. The best way to understand Solidity is to build a small smart contract, and then advance towards building dApps.

Also, try to be active in blockchain communities. They always have learning resources and guidance whenever needed.



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