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I Needed To Work With Ethereum After Reading The Whitepaper

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Name: Pranav Burnwal

Role: Co-Founder & CTO (Blockchain) @Edufied

Location: Singapore

Pranav has trained over 300 people on the blockchain. The attendees have included professionals from the likes of Wipro, E & Y, IRIS Software, and more. The audience usually ranges from junior developers to senior directors.

I’ve built a range of blockchain-related projects, such as

  • Verification As A Service
  • Product Lifecycle Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Rewards Management
  • Data Coordination
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Token-Based Games

Anywhere that there’s a possibility for parties involved in a transaction to tamper with the system blockchain can improve, if not fully solve.

People around the world are beginning to understand how the current system is not transparent and with many loopholes. The loopholes are exploited by people and companies alike. In the end, this hurts the daily consumer.

Blockchain technology isn’t a direct answer to all the problems, but it sets a stage for more transparency and audibility within the ‘system’.

I’ve been working in the blockchain space for over four years. I started as a research developer, and become a CTO & Co-Founder blockchain startup.

I come from a research background, hence the difficulty of blockchain technology is what attracted me in the first place. Initially, it was just research papers, concepts, and people talking in niche developer channels, but today we have a myriad of tools, libraries, frameworks encouraging developers.

My experience is a very positive one, and the journey phenomenal.

Here’s an analogy to answer this question:

If Bitcoin is a pilot project, then Ethereum is a full production application. Both are fully-fledged applications with their benefits and uses.

Ethereum was the tipping point for developers; at least that was my reaction after reading the whitepaper. I needed to work with this technology.

This small video (the world computer) changed the perceptions of so many developers who thought centralized apps were the only thing possible.



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