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I Quit My Job At Accenture After Learning About Blockchain

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Name: Hargobind Gupta

Role: Blockchain Developer & Trainer @ Emurgo

Location: Hyderabad, India

Hargobind is an early blockchain adopter, with 5+ years of product development experience. His routine entails providing architectural designs, consulting & implementing solutions to leverage blockchain.

I was at a meet-up in late 2016 where a friend started talking about Bitcoin. I discussed it a little, but it was when I went home I really started digging into everything I could find about this thing called ‘Bitcoin’.

In fact, I made some Bitcoin playing games that night! I realised the real innovation blockchain, would be a revolutionary technology.

A month after I quit my job at Accenture, and co-founded Xyabot — a platform to revolutionise the relationship between gamers, and game devs.

Initially within the online gaming space. Since then I have contributed to DeFi, Healthcare, Real Estate & FinTech projects. I’ve built dApps, and coded smart contracts for these particular projects.

  • Peer To Peer Lending
  • Supply Chain For Healthcare
  • Land Registration
  • Tokenizing Equities For A FinTech Company

Without a question of a doubt, centralisation. Blockchain technology can disrupt all industries where an often unnecessary middle-man is present. The incentivising techniques will result in a whole new level of dApps.

The lack of education was hard being an early adopter. However, both the Reddit & StackOverflow communities have been a great help. I learned the hard-way (yet the most valuable) by experimenting with blockchain.

Today I’m a blockchain career coach with Upgrade & Emurgo. I’m able to guide my students in a way I would’ve liked to have been shown.



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