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🎲 Top Ethereum Game Applications

🎰 Top Ethereum Gambling Applications

  • Playtowin β€” Slots, Casino, Dice & Etheroll
  • X2BET β€” Casino, Slots, Dice, Coin Flip, & Rps
  • Edgeless β€” Casino Game Based On Crowdsale
  • FunFair β€” Casino Game Platform
  • Dice2win β€” Simple & Fair Dice Game

πŸ“± Top Ethereum Social Applications

  • Loom Network β€” Platform For Large Scale Online Games & Social Apps
  • Bethereum β€” Betting & Social Elements Delivering A Secure Platform
  • Minds β€” The Crypto Social Network
  • SpankChain β€” An Adult Cam Platform
  • Catallax β€” Democratic Hypercatallaxy

πŸ’΅ Top Ethereum Finance Applications

  • MakerDAO β€” Where You Can Interact With The Dai Credit System
  • Paxos Standard β€” Transact At The Speed Of Internet
  • OmiseGO β€” Unbank The Banked
  • Polymath β€” The Securities Token Platform
  • Synthetix β€” Synthetic Assets

πŸ‘Ή Top Ethereum High Risk Applications

  • Constantinopleplus β€” Get 3% To 100% ETH Profit Every Day
  • PoWH 3D β€” Earn Ether By Holding Tokens
  • TREASURE β€” Where Your ETH Never sleep
  • Gandhiji β€” With All, For The Benefit Of All
  • Fomo3D β€” Your Exit Scam, You Take It All

πŸ’Ή Top Ethereum Exchange Applications

  • IDEX β€” Distributed Exchange Made Of Smart Contracts
  • ForkDelta β€” ERC20 Tokens Exchange
  • KyberNetwork β€” Enabling Token Swaps Everywhere
  • 0x β€” The Protocol For Trading Tokens
  • DEX.top β€” Instant Trading On Chain

πŸ€– Top Ethereum Development Applications

  • Aelf β€” Cloud Computing Blockchain Network
  • Golem β€” Distributed Computation
  • SONM β€” Fog Computing Platform
  • Enigma β€” Privacy Protocol Layer
  • ERC20Faucet β€” Get Free ERC20 Token To Play With

πŸ“€ Top Ethereum Media Applications

  • Livepeer β€” An Open Platform For Live Video Broadcasting
  • Refereum β€” Cut Out The Video Game Middleman
  • AdEx β€” An Advertising Protocol & Platform
  • Adbank β€” Adblocker Extension With Crypto Rewards
  • Lunyr β€” Crowdsourced Encyclopedia With Reward System

πŸ‘› Top Ethereum Wallet Applications

  • Basic Attention Token β€” Digital Advertising
  • Status β€” Access A Better Web Anywhere
  • TenX β€” Connecting Your Blockchain Assets For Everyday Use
  • Celsius Network β€” P2P Borrowing & Lending
  • Ethos β€” A Universal Wallet & Fiat Gateway For User Friendliness

πŸͺ Top Ethereum Marketplace Applications

  • Auctionity β€” Platform Auctioning NFT In ETH
  • OpenSea β€” Peer To Peer Marketplace For Scarce Digital Goods
  • CryptoKitties β€” Collect & Breed Digital Cats
  • SingularityNET β€” The Global AI Network
  • district0x β€” A Collective Of Decentralized Marketplaces & Communities

πŸ” Top Ethereum Security Applications

  • Chainlink β€” Smart Contracts Connected To Real World Data
  • V ID β€” Certify & Secure All Digital Assets
  • Quantstamp β€” Scan Any Smart Contract Easily With QSP
  • Blue Protocol β€” Internet Wide Security System
  • Atonomi β€” Bringing Trust & Security To IoT

πŸ—³οΈ Top Ethereum Governance Applications

  • IoTeX Voting Portal β€” Voting Portal For IoTeX
  • Aragon β€” Create & Manage DAOs
  • VeChain β€” A Leading Global Enterprise Level Public Blockchain Platform
  • WINGS β€” Valuing & Promoting ICOs With Forecast Markets
  • Horizon State β€” Voting & Democratic Tools

πŸ—³οΈ Top Ethereum Property Applications

πŸ’Ύ Top Ethereum Storage Applications

  • Sentinel β€” Monetize Your Unused Bandwidth
  • Storj β€” Affordable, Private & Secure Cloud Storage
  • Numerai β€” Hedge Fund Built By A Network Of Data Scientist
  • X Cloud β€” Secure & Affordable Cloud Storage
  • Ethereum Web Services β€” A Secure Way To Save Your File

πŸ›‚ Top Ethereum Identity Applications

  • SelfKey β€” Identity Network
  • LikeCoin β€” Rewarding Contents By Proof Of Creativity
  • Humanity β€” A Standard For Unique Identity
  • Dock β€” Control Your Information Across The Web
  • NaviAddress β€” A Unified Digital ID For Any Place & Object

πŸ”‹ Top Ethereum Energy Applications

  • Grid+ β€” A Distributed Electricity Provider & Energy Market
  • Charg β€” Energy Is Money
  • Start Solar β€” Earn From Owning Solar Panels
  • Basil β€” Allowing Users To Change The Light Colour Of A Basil Plant
  • Carbos β€” An Equitable System For Creating & Verifying Carbon Credits

πŸ’Š Top Ethereum Health Applications

  • Elysium β€” Securely Store & Share Patient Health Records
  • VChain β€” Anti Fake By Blockchain Technology
  • Ebola On Ethereum β€” URL To The Ebola Virus Genome Hosted On Swarm
  • TrekMiles β€” Fitness Motivation App + Currency + Community
  • Healthereum β€” Loyalty Rewards Platform For Patients

πŸ’Έ Top Ethereum Insurance Applications

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