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soliloque spotlight #1

Joseph Coco

The writer, Joseph Coco. Used with permission.

Although soliloque is a space for my thoughts, I have always been in favor of a community and strengthening it. The “soliloque spotlight” will highlight writers, artists, and all-around creatives who have inspired me in some way, and also have voices more powerful than some of the heavy-hitters we see published on a daily basis here on this writing home of ours we know as Medium. You may ask . . . Why do this, Tre? My response. Why not?

If we do not lift each other up, flash some light in the direction of those sparking up something poignant, or share the incredible words of the writers around us, who will? I will publish a feature spotlight once per month. Each one will definitely be someone on which we should have our eyes — someone whose words or art of which we should truly be aware.

Open your eyes, readers . . . Put forth your hearts . . . This is a new day.

Our first soliloque spotlight Medium user is none other than Joseph Coco. Hailing from Louisiana with a mind full of distinctive thoughts and a heart known to reflect greatly on humanity, Joseph gives this platform a bit of pizzazz along with cutthroat details and descriptions that will persuade you to gather around the table, so to speak, to hear what’s on their mind.

Big haired #Leo who writes about existing as a Queer POC in America. Louisiana Creole. New Orleans. I’m the dramatic southern belle your parents love! — Joseph Coco

Joseph dabbles in creative nonfiction, poetry, and is not a stranger to a challenge or two. They use their words wisely while focusing on the following topics: mental health, social justice, LGBTQIA rights, and love.

Struggling with masculinity? Joseph writes about this . . .

I grew up in what we call the Deep South. As a Black boy in a Black family who could not pass for any kind of straight, my experience as a man was always going to be weird.

Dealing with anti-vaxxers in your family? Joseph talks about this . . .

I could go on and on about how the health of the collective supersedes the health of the individual. Yet in this relative’s eyes, that doesn’t matter as much as their own feelings.

Are you fighting the good fight we’ll always be fighting called love? Joseph speaks about this . . .

I know how you suffer,
Unfamiliar metal on soft hands,
Once found on my chest,
Now the barrel is over my heart,

Processing “Queer Grief” in your adulthood? Joseph tackles this subject as well . . .

We think that increased representation in the media is a salve for violent proclivities of homo/transphobic people, but it’s not. Our humanity can be codified within laws and on television, but this doesn’t always translate to those of us on the bottom rung of society’s ladder.

I can honestly say I am never disappointed when I read what Joseph has to share. I am willing to bet, you will not be, either. Take a chance . . . Dive into the mighty works of a writer unafraid to be vulnerable while remaining exactly who they are — a gift to the reading world.

You can find Joseph outside of Medium via Twitter, where their words live on uninhibited.

Thank you for spending this time with soliloque today. Your presence is a blessing. Peace.



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