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soliloque spotlight #10

Photo of the writer. Used with her permission.

Although soliloque is a space for my thoughts, I have always been in favor of a community and strengthening it. The “soliloque spotlight” will highlight writers, artists, and all-around creatives who have inspired me in some way, and also have voices more powerful than some of the heavy-hitters we see published on a daily basis here on this writing home of ours we know as Medium. You may ask . . . Why do this, Tre? My response. Why not?

If we do not lift each other up, flash some light in the direction of those sparking up something poignant, or share the incredible words of the writers around us, who will? I will publish a feature spotlight once per month. Each one will definitely be someone on which we should have our eyes — someone whose words or art of which we should truly be aware.

Open your eyes, readers . . . Put forth your hearts . . . This is a new day.

Esther Spurrill-Jones is … How can I put this without sounding too incredibly sappy? Her words give meaning to poetry and “think-pieces” without overdoing it. She can give you her heart without shoving you into the seas of exhausting long-form. She can move you and shift you effortlessly from where you sit as you read. Her words are hymns for rejoicing — ballads for uplifting you — psalms for the weary and down-trodden. I love that she is on this platform with all of us. She is walking the talk — a Christian who knows love is action and we all deserve it.

Poet, lover, thinker, human. — Esther Spurrill-Jones

What? You don’t like Italian Sonnets? You will now …

Beware! Because of you My wrath has risen.
Now, you may think that they are weird and crazy,
But don’t you know that they’re worth more than credos?
It might have been better if you were barren.
And yet, I will forgive if you repent,
Turn back to love, the greatest thing of all.

When others find fault in us — we as believers know God loves us and always will …

I threw my doors wide open and
Invited everyone,
Including those the hypocrites
Instructed me to shun.

I sing of justice and mercy;
I sing a song of praise.
My heart is perfect in Your sight;
I’ll love You all my days.

She speaks up for the LGBTQ+ community and isn’t afraid to do so …

There are times when lying is a good and right thing to do. If you’re hiding people in a secret room in your house and the Nazis come by and ask if you’re hiding anyone, it is good and right to say “no.” But there is never a time when lying to get someone in trouble is good and right.

And when you accuse someone of pedophilia simply because they are LGBTQ+? That’s bearing false witness. That’s lying to get someone in trouble. That is bad and wrong.

And that is a sin.

She can make you feel like you’re in church when you’re really just sitting in front of your laptop reading her words …

Arise, for all the earth is Your birthright,
Defend our unarmed daughters, helpless sons.
God, when You stand among the mighty ones,
Save us from the hate we live among:
They walk about in darkness — shine Your light.

Her words will make you think long & hard about what you’re reading and possibly what you’ll write next …

If I were not myself, who would I be?
Disguised behind my eyes, I watch and wait.
This face, this mask I wear is all you see;
I play a woman, boring, normal, straight.
If I were someone else, would you recoil?
When all you see is my mundane facade,
My practiced, proven, weary shield and foil,
What would you do if you found I’m a fraud?

Esther has a keen eye for expressive details with a subtle feel to them, too. She is no stranger to writing prompts and poetry in form and can make even the most well-read person yearn to read and learn more. She is a gift to us here, and her work shows it.

Esther can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for spending this time with soliloque today. Your presence is a blessing. Peace.



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