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soliloque spotlight #11

Photo of the writer. Used with her permission.

Although soliloque is a space for my thoughts, I have always been in favor of a community and strengthening it. The “soliloque spotlight” will highlight writers, artists, and all-around creatives who have inspired me in some way, and also have voices more powerful than some of the heavy-hitters we see published on a daily basis here on this writing home of ours we know as Medium. You may ask . . . Why do this, Tre? My response. Why not?

If we do not lift each other up, flash some light in the direction of those sparking up something poignant, or share the incredible words of the writers around us, who will? I will publish a feature spotlight once per month. Each one will definitely be someone on which we should have our eyes — someone whose words or art of which we should truly be aware.

Open your eyes, readers . . . Put forth your hearts . . . This is a new day.

Paroma Sen is a blend of everything enhanced times five, and she seems to remain humble. The one thing I enjoy about her work is her expressiveness and her ability to share creative writing that has an amazing sense of detachment. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the connectivity of her within her words, but she manages not to be too vulnerable.

She gives us just enough to sit on the edge of our seats, yet pulls on the intensity to put us back into place. It’s a wonderful form of balance, and not many writers can do this.

“Do not go gentle into that good night, but rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” — A quote from Dylan Thomasfamous poem, used via her profile. Paroma Sen

She makes prose poems sing an entirely different tune …

Her last appearance was so long ago that I thought she had retired. Job done, she had mellowed, aged, and lost the sharpness of her red tipped spear. I could picture her sitting on a Caribbean beach, margarita in hand, telling stories of the burning old days to brave young girls.

So, I went along, harmony in focus, no longer needing her acid rain on my back.

I will never think about pigs the same way again …

Today’s tale is different though;
Babe’s heart transplanted into a human —
What a momentous occasion,
A time of celebration for all of science

Except — the world keeps turning,
And fact remains stranger than fiction
Truly, you can’t make this stuff up

Babe’s heart was transplanted into a murderer,
One with a history of repeatedly stabbing someone

She writes about the unwanted & unwelcomed in a way that sticks with you …

You are stuck to my side, quite like a leech
While your prey wants to get just out of reach

Your sexist comments, they make my eyes roll
And you think you are acing it, hitting your goal

My kindness directed at your social gauche
You mistake it as — it’s okay to approach!

Please let me go now, I’m all out of excuse
Today, tomorrow, forever — may I beg recuse

There is a hint of cosmic energy in her words, too …

Every molecule dissolves,
M alchemizing into C squared,

As you soak into the universe,
losing all heaviness, burning brighter and brighter

Accepted forever into the eternal embrace.

With just six words, she can create a world of wonder …

Bullet-ridden, she learns to love again.

Paroma uses her words wisely. She doesn’t give us glib or unnecessary details in her poetry. Every word is perfectly selected and added effectively. When you read her work, you will surely go back to it again and again. And really, isn’t this what we come here for — great work by great writers?

Currently, Medium is the only platform on which her work is shared.

Thank you for spending this time with soliloque today. Your presence is a blessing. Peace.



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