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soliloque spotlight #4

Photo of Ruth Osman, used with permission.

Although soliloque is a space for my thoughts, I have always been in favor of a community and strengthening it. The “soliloque spotlight” will highlight writers, artists, and all-around creatives who have inspired me in some way, and also have voices more powerful than some of the heavy-hitters we see published on a daily basis here on this writing home of ours we know as Medium. You may ask . . . Why do this, Tre? My response. Why not?

If we do not lift each other up, flash some light in the direction of those sparking up something poignant, or share the incredible words of the writers around us, who will? I will publish a feature spotlight once per month. Each one will definitely be someone on which we should have our eyes — someone whose words or art of which we should truly be aware.

Open your eyes, readers . . . Put forth your hearts . . . This is a new day.

When I think of pure talent and the ability to bend sound and weave words at one’s own very whim, I think of Ruth Osman. Ruth burst onto the Medium scene out of nowhere, it seems, and with her, she has brought a unique style — a somewhat eclectic presence. I am truly glad she’s here. Not only does Ruth share wondrous poetry with us, but she also lends the gift of her almost magnetic voice. I connect with this aspect and lean in toward the musical miracles of this world.

Caribbean singer/songwriter/ poet who loves dogs, all things mystical, and solitude. Website: — Ruth Osman

Are you in search of powerful feelings in connectivity in the form of brevity? Ruth can do that . . .

My longing for you,
an old wound,
throbs when it rains.

Do you yearn to read about nature in a way you’ve not done so before? Ruth can give you this . . .

is the center —
where old stories gather flesh
and come alive as we blow
on their bones.

is the center —
the black hole that pulls
us in and through
to new horizons

How about a bit of sass to suit your reading pleasures? Ruth’s got that too . . .

My edges
sanded to sanctimonious smoothness
guilted with Wednesday’s ashes
shrivel and shrink as she passes
paper held to flame.

I see you, sister.
I want to be you, sister.

When you want a rhythmic flow or poetry akin to the illustrious swagger of Neo-Soul artists, look no further . . .

Her voice,
loamy and laden with pain,
heavy with the strain of centuries,
floods the hall —
a Mississippi
overflowing its banks,
sweeping all away in its glory.

Woman voluptuous,
tall in her negritude,
wears a gardenia in her hair.

*Bonus: Because I was wooed by her voice, and I am sure you will be too, I am sharing a musical cover sung by the one and only, Ruth Osman.

Ruth makes me want to be as creative as I can possibly be. I read her work and I yearn to get better. I hear her voice and I am instantly swept off my feet into a world I wouldn’t mind escaping to multiple times per week. She is like no other — her words display this very fact. I am overjoyed to be on this platform with her.

You can find the gloriousness of Ruth on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

Thank you for spending this time with soliloque today. Your presence is a blessing. Peace.

“soliloque” came to me in a dream. It is a space for my thoughts; both personal & private. Are you listening? Can you hear me?

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