Day 3: Ciutat Vella

So, today, I explored the Old City (Ciutat Vella) of Barcelona, including the touristy La Rambla, Barri Gòtic, and El Born. Definitely plenty of tourists — enough that I actually took the train back to my apartment’s neighborhood to eat, where there are fewer menus posted in English and Mandarin. That was one thing I have figured out quickly (and from conversing with fellow travelers, I’m not alone) — a preference to get somewhere that isn’t overly touristy.

Using a downloaded audio tour really helped gain a general understanding of some of the history of the area being built and rebuilt. The general density and tightness of the streets is incredible. I have no idea how anyone gets around this city without the use of GPS.


The weather was incredible, so obviously I capped the night off with another trip to have some drinks on the beach. Wound up meeting another Atlantan (this is three I’ve drank with now) who was in the midst of a 3-week between-jobs trip around Europe. That might be worth a future effort, although I’d probably skip the hostels.

Step Count:
Tuesday: 11,904
Wednesday: 44,288
Thursday: 31,946
Friday: 36,663