Trump, Evangelicals, & the Seven Mountain Mandate

Emily Swan
Dec 13, 2019 · 5 min read

Some of the most influential people you’ve never heard of appear in the picture below. I admit I didn’t recognize any of their faces, but when names were identified I realized the significance of it.

photo by: The White House; photo includes Brian Houston (Hillsong); Brian & Jenn Johnson, Sean Feucht, Stephen James Hart, Allison & Antonio Martin, Kiley Goodpasture, Luke Hendrikson, and Dominic Shahbon (Bethel); Jeremy Edwardson (Ex-The Myriad, owns The Soundhouse studios in Redding); Paula White-Cain and Jonathan Cain (Journey); Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture); Tosha and Joseph Zwanziger (The Fathers House, CA); Kari Jobe; Cody Carnes; Eddie James; Micah Stampley; Britt Nicole; Jaye Thomas; Jasmine Tate; Myles & DeLana Rutherford (Worship With Wonders Church);

The fastest-growing faith sect in both the United States and the Global South (Asia, Africa, and South America) is called Independent Network Charismatic (INC) Christianity, as…