Scuba dive in a jetliner, or your living room

Here’s a new twist on burial at sea — retired jumbo jets being sunk to create artificial reefs. Recently in Turkey, an A300 Airbus was sunk off the Aegean coast. Smaller planes have shown to become an oasis for underwater flora and fauna, but this is the largest yet. Is repurposing huge vessels as reefs to coax people to explore the sea a good or a bad thing for the ocean?

It’s also possible to just stay home and still tour the sea. If you thought it was cool to walk streets in 3-D in front of your computer, you can witness life under the sea, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Molokini Crater and more. As part of an effort to recognize and respond to the demise of coral around the world, and with Google’s technical support, scientists funded by the Catlin Group of Bermuda designed a submersible with 3 wide-angle lenses to photograph high resolution in low light.

We’ve reported that the Overview Effect of seeing Earth from space inspires astronauts toward protecting the planet. Is it possible that allowing many more people to witness the depths of the sea could help by increasing our political will to protect the world’s coral reefs?

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