Sipping the right coffee could bring health and prosperity to the world

Coffee in bloom

It used to be that people had guilt in drinking so much coffee… Beyond the cost, we thought it could be unhealthy, and the politics of importing it was a mess. But today a rigorous coffee habit has little or no stigma. In fact, many of us proudly come together over our love for coffee. Plus, economies world over rely on coffee for income. We drink over 600 billion cups with little consideration of the pending consequence of climate change on our prized crop and the communities producing it.

…At least that was the picture until last December in Paris. At the U.N. climate negotiations in Paris, Conservation International launched a challenge to make coffee the world’s first entirely sustainable agricultural product.

Imagine the ripple effect that could bring for communities and environments across the globe.

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge points to farming practices, and demand for sustainable coffee. Partners come from the coffee industry, conservation groups, farmers and governments. Rwanda and Mexico are onboard, as well as Fairtrade America, Starbucks, Keurig Green Mountain and over 40 other entities.

Seeing climate change and our connection to the world as we stare at our morning coffee could be one more good effect of the mighty bean.

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