35 Audacious Ideas

A selection of projects and concepts from around the institute destined to change the future of energy

By the Staff of RMI

Dreaming up big ideas is serious business

Thirty-five years ago, when Amory Lovins cofounded a small nonprofit in the mountains of Colorado, little did he know that the organization would grow 170 strong, have five offices, and be working on the ground around the world. The past 35 years have proven that Rocky Mountain Institute’s market-based approach works. With your help and the help of many other important partners, we have driven transformative change in some of the biggest and most complex systems in the world, from China’s economy to the Empire State Building. We’re still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today. Here, 35 years after RMI was born, we give you 35 of the coolest things we’re working on now and how they will change the future.

Methane flaring releases a potent greenhouse gas.

Ending the Methane Threat Before It’s Too Late

Home energy upgrades make financial sense for homeowners. Photo: © Green Energy Future, courtesy of Dave Spencer and Debbie Whiltshire

Factoring Energy Costs into the Home-Buying Process

Making a Market for Utility-Scale Wind and Solar

RMI’s innovative new Boulder offices. photo: courtesy of Boulder Commons

Busting Legal Barriers for Net-Zero Buildings

Autonomous Electric Vehicle Fleets for a Major U.S. City

Eastbound and Down: A Truck Rally to Prove We Can “Run on Less”

Helping Sustainable Aviation Take Flight

Superefficient propellers save fuel. Photo: © Rocky Mountain Institute

When Is a Ship a White Elephant?

Solar farms power corporations, cities, and universities.

Standardizing Megawatt-Scale Solar Farms

Mining for Big Cuts in Global Carbon Emissions

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Better Data for Seamless Travel

All-Electric Vehicle Fleets in Hawaii

Transformative Mobility Solutions for India

Going Green in the Blue Ridge Mountains

CAREC keeps island energy practitioners in touch.

An Island-Hopping Knowledge Exchange

Greening Islands in the World’s Oceans

Solar-powered microgrids light up the night in Africa. Photo: courtesy of M-POWER

All Energy Revolutions Are Local

Buildings That Make People and Grids Healthier

Reaching a Peak with Cities in China

Location, Location, Location

Standardized energy retrofits can quickly make portfolios of commercial buildings (above) energy efficient.

When Buildings Work Cleaner

Net-Zero Energy Districts in the U.S. and China

A Game-Changing Technology for the Electric Grid

Reducing Emissions with Automatic Time-Shifting

Energy-efficient, energy-producing schools can transform the lives of children — and communities. Photo: courtesy of Hood River Middle School, OR

Bettering Communities with Net-Zero Carbon Schools

Priority for Chinese Renewable Energy

Building for Jobs, Revenue, and Carbon Neutrality

Zero-Cost, Net-Zero Carbon Home Retrofits

Community-scale solar like this fits anywhere and is ideal for serving low-income communities. Photo: courtesy of Quest Renewables, Inc — QuadPod™ Solar Canopy

Solar Power for Low-Income Customers

Showing the Value of Island Clean Energy

Making the Invisible, Visible (and Bankable)

Looking for a Ship? Choose Green, Clean, and Cheap

RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab brings together stakeholders from every corner of the electricity system. © Rocky Mountain Institute

“Rebuilding an Aircraft in Mid-Flight”

Building Clean Energy Infrastructure in Africa

Creating a Market for LED Energy Savings

By the Staff of RMI

Solutions Journal Summer 2017

Vol. 10 №1 Published by Rocky Mountain Institute

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