Is there any painless Ear Piercing technique?

Ear piercings are the perfect way to enhance your look, without investing in the permanency of a tattoo. But, is there anything that obstructs your dream to get your ear pierced? The pain, of course. You have heard various stories from family and friends about their ear piercing experiences, and the hurt, the pain they suffered.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, the idea of ear piercing is a bit scary for everyone. Some people even drop the plan due to the pain it may cause, and in the bottom of their heart, they wonder if there exists any painless ear piercing method? Is there any way to fulfill your desire without suffering much?

For all such people, our Inverness Ear Piercing instrument is nothing less than bliss! It is a hand-pressured instrument, which does not gunshot the earring in the ear, but places it gently and safely. People do not encounter discomfort while getting their ear pierced using this innovative technique.

Our piercing package includes a quality piercing stud in a sterilized cartridge, a disposable piercing instrument, a hygienic cleansing swab, silicon clutch, an antiseptic solution bottle and instrument sheet. This system is quick, gentle and best for men, women and kids.

During this piercing technique, the ear is cleaned using the alcohol swab from both the front and back side. This reduces the risk of infection. Once done, a mark is made on the ear with the Iodine based surgical marking pen, which is as thin as pinhead. This is done so as to ensure that the piercing is done at the accurate place. The sterile seal from the Inverness cassette is removed and the cartridge is taken out. The ear piercing capsule is placed into the piercing instrument and the gadget is placed around the ear with the mark in between the slot of the capsule. The Inverness device is squeezed slowly and gradually until the tip of the inner capsule comes in touch with the marked dot, and then grasped so that the earring goes completely into the targeted area.

An antiseptic solution bottle is also given to speed up the healing process, and gives you a painless ear piercing experience. It is specially formulated to lessen the risk of infection without the usual drying or chapping that can occur with the use of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Plus, all the earrings are designed to safeguard the sharp piercing tip and promote safer & comfortable healing process.

For us, your safety and easiness is what matters the most, and so we use the most advanced technique & equipment. To know more, get in touch with us!