Tips to Enjoy Holi at its Fullest!!

Holi Celebration

How to enjoy the Holi festival without harming your skin & hair- If you are also dealing with this question, take no time to read these tips and have a great time!!

· Apply oil all over your body (hands, elbows, feet) and on your hair with warm coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil at least 20–30 minutes before starting celebrating. If you have dandruff, do ass 7–10 drops of lemon in your oil and massage your scalp gently.

· Use a generous amount of moisturizer with sunscreen throughout your body, basically behind your ears and earlobes as these areas are often neglected. Ensure that the moisturizer has an SPF of at least 15.

· Wear something that covers your body at maximum. The best options are high-necks and full-sleeves. Also, prefer cotton clothes over synthetics and denims.

· By applying nail polish/nail paint on your nails, you are actually providing them a protective layer. So, protect your nails using nail paints. This will also add on to your beauty!

· Drink loads of water to keep your body hydrated.

· Avoid wearing lenses or glasses during Holi. If you cannot go without glasses, just remain careful while applying color. This is because your skin might get hurt by the edges of your specs, when the color is applied carelessly.

· Apply a lip balm thoroughly to keep them protected.

· Also, do not undergo threading, waxing, facial or any other skin treatment at least 3–4 days before this festival of colors.

· Use an aloe vera gel, cucumber juice or at least a rose water bottle with you so as to apply in case you experience some irritation.

· If you are suffering from acne, avoid scrubbing. Instead, apply a paste of Besan and raw milk all over your face to remove the colors.

· Do not use detergent soaps on your body to remove the color. Prefer glycerine or aloe vera based soaps only! And yes, apply a body lotion on your body after taking a bath.