Help! We need your ideas!

We have a problem

There a thousands of issues that need addressing in the world today, but it seems that the solutions to many are getting further away. In my opinion, lack of brainpower to solve these problems isn’t causing the increasing divide, rather, it’s lack of a collaborative place to co-create.

Most internet discussion is dominated by confrontational back and forth instead of pushing towards solutions. It would be refreshing to find a place online where people are using their various skill sets to collaborate on some of the toughest issues facing us today without the vitriol that typically characterizes online debate.

So here’s my proposal: Each week we identify an issue/problem to address in a collaborative manner and drive towards a potential solution. We will put forth a ‘straw man’ solution to the issue in order to kick off the discussion. The proposal we put forth is not meant to be the answer, but a starting point to build off of, or reject entirely.

To make this concept work, contributors will need to work with, not against each other to progress towards a solution. It seems to me that Medium is an ideal place to host this kind of interaction because it serves as a hub for many thought leaders. My hope is to establish norms that allow contributors to put forth refreshing ideas that may ultimately lead to the betterment of the world.

The features currently available on Medium should facilitate a collaborative discussion by allowing people to highlight certain segments, write long-form replies, and articulate their ideas in a clear and coherent fashion. Multimedia can and should be used in any instances where it clarifies a certain point or idea — the more the merrier.

This article itself is a form of the ‘straw man’ that I mentioned. So, in keeping with the proposal, please engage and let us know what you think would be needed to make something like this work. Do we need strict norms? How long should we focus on each topic? What types of topics should we cover?

Everything is up for debate. Let us know what you think.