“Making a Difference: Strategies for Solving Social Problems” Course

College students are well aware of many of the challenges that face their generation. Indeed, the news can seem depressing — full of gloom and doom, detailing what’s wrong with the world. Rather than feeling equipped to build a better society, many students feel overwhelmed or powerless in the face of the world’s ills and injustices. Yet behind most social problems are people who are advancing change.

The Transformative Action Institute and SolutionsU have developed teaching modules based on solutions journalism stories to help educators lead effective classroom discussions and activities. Our “Making a Difference: Strategies for Solving Social Problems” course aims to introduce students to many promising strategies for solving social problems. Pairing TAI’s founder Scott Sherman’s award-wining curricula with solutions journalism stories these strategies come to life. Students will gain an understanding of the basics of what works and why, helping them recognize patterns and make connections between fields.

Scott piloted this course at Claremont McKenna College last spring. We will release the full course outline and materials to our networks later this fall. Today, we are excited to release two sample classes as a preview of what is to come. They are examples of classes that could be offered, which each professor can adapt this to his/her own needs.

Click here to see the sample classes.

Are you an educator who wants your students to learn about how people around the world are working to solve society’s toughest challenges? Visit SolutionsU for collections of stories with discussion questions, assignments, syllabi and teaching modules.

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