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Article: A glimpse into the lives of Israeli software developers couple [Hebrew]

In the “On the Couch” section of Yedioth Ahronoth newspapers, Shai and Shai Tubul, both software developers, describe their lives as a married couple living in Israel.

She is a Frontend developer (@ Glassbox), and he is a senior software engineer at Soluto by Asurion.

They talked about their lives in Petah Tikva city, why they chose to live there, and what they do as software developers in the Hi-Tech industry.
Our own Shai gave a glimpse into the Tech-care field and shared our work and products with the readers.

Not in the picture: Johnny, the cat, chose to hide under the couch. We forgave. 💜

For the article >>

Shai and Shai Tubul. Developers couple.



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