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How did we create a culture of public speaking?

Creating a culture of public speaking

At Soluto (by Asurion) we used to have a problem you might relate to — we had (and still have) extremely talented engineers 👩🏻‍💻, PMs 🏆, and UX designers 👨🏻‍🎨 but… they just did the job amazingly and kept it to themselves, while nobody outside the company knew about it. That had to change.

When I joined Soluto, I watched the incredible people around me, and it took no effort imagining them as the stars on a tech conference talk 🎤, stealing the show at meetup events, becoming sought after guests on podcasts, and sharing their vast experience and knowledge on blog posts, articles, and more.

I just had to help them get used to the idea of being superstars. 🌟

So I created a program called “Soluto Spotlight” — a tailored process for employees that will transform them from mild-mannered-yet-brilliant tech minds into well-known talents in their fields.

Soluto Spotlight proved to be incredibly conductive towards:

🎯 Hiring!

🥇 Generating brand awareness

💪 Employee retention and their development path

Four months after the launch of the program Soluto employees spoke in 40(!) different meetups, and nationwide or international conferences, and that is not nearly the end of it.

We created a company of public speakers! Want to know exactly how?

Check out the video below, where I go through the process of creating our spotlight program, and the impact it had on us:

Looking for even more useful tips? Check out this article at Calcalist:




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Shir Peri Lichtig

Shir Peri Lichtig

Developer Relations at Soluto (Asurion)

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