How productive are you this week? A few tips for these crazy days

Gershoni Shira
Mar 18, 2020 · 4 min read
How to be productive

This week was all about quarantine, working from home, and coping with coronavirus and the kids at the same time.
We all read some interesting articles about productivity tips, tools and the best way your company can transition into this new reality, but between tools and best practices — there’s much more you can do for yourself to make your day great, and your results even better.

I believe coronavirus brings with it an interesting opportunity to break old routines and start thinking about ways we could feel happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

How can we do this? glad you asked…

1. Set the mood:

  • 🌞 Set up different work stations around the house and make yourself comfortable. For those who have a balcony, it’s also a great opportunity to get some vitamin D :)
Set the mood
Set the mood

2. Avoid temptations:

  • 🍫 Constantly craving something sweet? Prepare a snack plate (or as we call it in Israel- Nishnushim) every morning, so you’re set for the rest of the day (almonds, nuts, cheese bites and some vegetables are always the healthy choice, but once in a while make sure to add some chocolates too).
Healthy breaks
Healthy breaks

3. Bring back the fun:

  • ☕ Meet your office friends for a morning coffee over Zoom or walk your dogs at the same time (it’s another excuse to get out of bed early and get dressed).
Our Zoom backgrounds
Our Zoom backgrounds

4. Don’t forget the basics:

  • 🚶🏻‍♂️Working from home means you’re not running around the office and going up the stairs 50 times a day. Take one or two sets of 15 minute breaks during the day for a short walk around the block.
Soluto’s Daily standup meeting
Soluto’s Daily standup meeting

So now all that’s left is to stay healthy, turn on your video cam and keep smiling… 😊

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