Interview: Taking UX to the next level [Hebrew]

Soluto by Asurion
May 3 · 1 min read

Aviran Revach, Soluto’s Head of UX & Design, has a lot of UX wisdom to share, and this interview is packed with it.

Aviran Revach — taking UX to the next level

In this interview for Portfolio magazine, Aviran Revach, Soluto’s Head of UX & Design, delves into our adventures in UX with much more detail and nuance.

“We communicate with our customers heavily: we have to explain, persuade, and do a lot of storytelling. We emphasize visuals and copywriting. Beyond working on navigation and information architecture, our designers are constantly focusing their efforts on messaging — what do we want the user to understand? Feel? And what do we ultimately want the user to accomplish within the experience?”

Read the full interview with Aviran here:

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