Podcast: What You Should Know About GitOps

Soluto by Asurion
Aug 11, 2021 · 1 min read

Yaron Idan, DevOps Team Lead at Soluto, has many GitOps insights and knowledge to share, and this episode is full of them.

In this episode (#413) for Reversim Podcast, Yaron Idan, Soluto’s DevOps Team Lead, dives into the DevOps world with much more detail and depth.

First thing, the trend today is to put an Ops suffix on everything. . . There are DataOps and there are MLOps , so now there is also a new Buzzword which is GitOps . We at Soluto have been doing this for many years without giving it that name, but I will give the extension of “what does it actually mean?

Enjoy reading & listening 👉 https://www.reversim.com/2021/07/413-gitops-with-yaron-from-soluto.html

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