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Tech Talk: Practical Canary Releases in Kubernetes with Argo Rollouts

With a fast-paced CI/CD process and a high rate of deployments happening in a microservices base infrastructure, bugs can slip through the tests into production & when that happens you want to protect yourself & your customers from being exposed to this situation.

Adding another layer of protection using a canary release/rollout process in your K8s cluster can give you this level of protection if done right, there is no one ring to rule them all, but guidelines that enable you to achieve the best canary rollout process you can have using Argo Rollouts.

Watch here:

Sari Alalem (Soluto Engineering YouTube Channel)
  • This Tech-Talk was filmed at DevOps TLV Commmunity Q2 Blitz meetup, hosted at Soluto in July 2021.
  • FEATURED SPEAKER: Sari Alalem, Senior Software Engineer, Soluto (Twitter: @SariAlalem)



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