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Workshop: Web Accessibility 101 [Hebrew]

The Basics by Lihi Bechor, Development Team Lead at Soluto

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a practical guide, from scratch to understanding web accessibility?

Well, here it is! Whether you’re a developer, product manager, UX designer, user researcher, or anyone else involved in the product creation process — you’ll find something relevant for you in this guide.

This workshop covers:

1. Intro:

  • What is accessibility
  • What does it have to do with you
  • Who decides on accessibility guidelines
  • What are the prevalent guidelines today Levels of compliance

2. Money time

  • Developing perceivable products -Who -How -Five best practices (with code)
  • Developing operable products -Who -How -Three best practices (with code)

Watch here:

FEATURED SPEAKER: Lihi Bechor, Development Team Lead @ Soluto




Engineering. Product. UX. Culture.

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Soluto by Asurion

Soluto by Asurion

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